Homemade Waffle Dough Options


When a new waffle maker appears in the house or a “Soviet-type” unit is taken from the pantry, you always want to quickly test the device. And the reasonable question is how to make waffles in a waffle iron so that they turn out tasty, crispy and successful on the first try.

Homemade waffles: sweets options and cooking nuances

There are a lot of varieties of waffles, as well as thematic devices for their self-baking. Wafers can be savory or sweet, vary in size and shape, have a variety of flavors, and go well with a variety of toppings. At the same time, the concept of “classic” or “traditional” waffle does not exist, the recipes for the usual sweetness depend on the country or region where this or that variety is especially popular.

Depending on the waffle iron you choose, you can bake different versions of this sweet at home. But it is worthwhile to understand that when purchasing a device for working with thin dough, it will not work to cook a Viennese version of a treat in it.

How to cook waffles in a waffle iron

How to cook waffles in a waffle iron: the difference between household appliances

  1. If baking dough is preferred Soviet technology, then such waffles are often cooked on gas, they turn out thin, crispy. But there is a risk that they will burn, overbake, since the old units are not equipped with temperature controller sensors, it is impossible to select the baking mode. How to bake waffles in a waffle iron of such a plan? Just pour the dough inside the device with a thin layer, close the device tightly and wait 1.5-2 minutes.
  2. Using the device with swivel mechanism, the cooking process is simplified. Such models of waffle irons cost a lot, but justify their price. After pouring the finished dough into the kitchen device, the waffle iron closes and turns over, which helps the dough to bake better. Cooking time is a couple of minutes per serving.
  3. When you want to make voluminous, soft waffles in a waffle iron, you will need special model for baking thick dough. Thanks to this rubble unit, you can cook Viennese, Belgian, and even American waffles on your own. Often, such electrical appliances make it possible to make several servings of sweets at once. The dough poured inside is baked for no more than 2 minutes.
  4. How to make waffles thin and crispy? To do this, it is necessary not only to use non-yeast dough for waffles, but also to roll it over the entire surface of the device. You can cook such pastries only using waffle maker for thin waffles, having a rectangular or round shape, shallow honeycombs. These sweets are baked very quickly, sometimes 30 seconds is enough for readiness.

Most modern models for making such baking at home have:

  • indicators that show the degree of readiness;
  • special sensors with which you can set the cooking mode;
  • additional molds for baking, they allow you to make waffles in the device not only in a round, square or rectangular shape, but also in the form of hearts, stars, and other shapes.

Cooking goodies in waffle irons of various types

Electric waffle iron

  1. Lubricate the internal surfaces with oil;
  2. We turn on the device in the network;
  3. We are waiting for 4-5 minutes;
  4. Dough. For thin waffles, pour 2 tablespoons on the bottom surface; for thicker and denser dough. We take it the size of a child’s fist and level it over the surface.
  5. Close the top half and wait 4-5 minutes. Open the lid from time to time and monitor the degree of browning. Too pale will take another couple of minutes, and it’s time to take out the golden one.

Waffle iron for cooking sweets on gas

The principle is the same, only the device will heat up not from electricity, but from being on the stove. To warm up, turn on the fire a little above medium, and bake the waffles themselves over medium heat. The waiting time is the same as that of an electrical appliance.

To check if the appliance is ready for baking, do not touch it with your hands. In addition to the risk of burns, you can get an electric shock in the case of electric models. It is better to drip quite a bit of dough and if you see that the preparation has begun, you can safely lay out the main portion.

Interesting Tips

If you are going to cook homemade sweets, you need to take into account that depending on the type of waffles, the additional ingredients and the method of kneading the dough will differ slightly. Whichever option you choose, it is important to remember that using more than 12 waffle ingredients at a time is not recommended.

What can be added to the dough?

  • sweet alcoholic drinks: rum, milk and chocolate liqueurs, fruit tinctures, cognac;
  • yeast when you need to make Viennese waffles at home;
  • various flavors: fruit mixtures and syrups, vanillin, cinnamon, spices;
  • you can use chopped nuts, chocolate, dried fruits for waffle dough;
  • for more fat-tasting sweets, cream, milk should be added to the waffle dough;
  • this delicacy can also be prepared on whey, baking powder, with the addition of soda or baking powder, using various flours, which will give a new taste to the product.

Little tricks

Little tricks

Very often it turns out that sweets stick to the surfaces of the waffle iron grates. How to avoid it? It is enough to use fatty dough (not pancake), do not forget to grease the surface of the waffle iron with oil, and also use powdered sugar, not granulated sugar, in the process of preparing the dough.

Before preparing waffles in a waffle iron, this device must be warmed up for 10-15 minutes. This will get rid of the result, in which the waffles are not baked to the end and look unappetizing.

Regardless of the size of the inner cells of the waffle iron, it is not recommended to fill them with dough to the brim. Any, and especially yeast dough, will rise quickly, may leak or burn.

In a situation where dough for waffles is kneaded with baking powder, it must be “defended”. Start such a dough in the evening, so that it lies in the refrigerator during the night. Only the next day, use it to prepare treats.

To make Viennese waffles in a homemade waffle iron soft, airy, it is necessary to stir the dough on them not very hard. And also add beaten egg white to it at the very end.

When preparing the dough, you need to thoroughly soften the butter or margarine, bring to the same (room) temperature all the necessary ingredients for the selected delicacy recipe.

If you want to cook crunchy sweets in a waffle iron for several people, you need to use additional baking molds, and for an appetizing crunch, add a little starch to the waffle dough.

How to cook waffles in a waffle iron quickly and simply is described in the video below:


Homemade Waffle Dough Options

There are a lot of different waffle recipes in waffle irons. They can be mixed with each other, replace any components, based on the final desired result. Three delicious and easy waffle dough recipes are presented below.

Homemade Waffle Dough Options

How to make dough for homemade sweets with yeast

3 cups flour, half a teaspoon of salt and a standard pack of yeast are mixed. Slightly warmed milk (400 ml) and 100 ml of melted cold butter are poured into the resulting mixture. Then 4 yolks are added and everything is mixed. The remaining proteins are whipped, poured into an almost ready dough. At the end, a spoonful of powdered sugar and a bag of vanillin are added.

The dough should be left for 50 minutes in a heated room, then used for its intended purpose.

Waffle dough in a Soviet waffle iron

A glass of powdered sugar (or regular sugar) is mixed with a bag of vanillin. 4 chicken eggs are shaken, sugar-vanilla mixture is added to them. After you need to pour melted butter (cold, 1 pack). Beating the dough with a mixer or fork, fine flour (2 cups), a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of soda diluted with a few drops of vinegar are poured into it.

Cooking waffles in a waffle iron: dough with wheat flour

These sweets in a waffle iron have a fairly simple recipe, although you need a lot of ingredients for the dough. Such waffles will have an unusual and memorable taste.

Mix half a glass of wheat flour with a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda, 75 grams of starch and 3-5 tablespoons of thick sour cream. Having melted a pack of margarine (or butter), add 2/3 cup of sugar, a package of vanilla to it, beat everything well. Combine the first and second mixture, pouring in slightly beaten yolks (3 pieces), add a pinch of salt. Finally, stir the remaining egg whites and pour into the dough.

Making waffles at home using special household appliances is not difficult. Such a delicacy can be served with jam, thick cream, regular or boiled condensed milk. Waffles are suitable for both hearty breakfasts and festive feasts, becoming a favorite delicacy.