Redmond has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen equipment, and bread machines are no exception, as they are very popular among users. Redmond bread makers are famous for their build quality, great functionality and low cost. We have compiled a ranking of the TOP 5 Redmond models of 2022, which is based on a large number of sales and customer reviews.

Redmond RBM-1908

Redmond RBM-1908

The bread machine stands out for its low cost, but it has good functionality and multitasking. Redmond RBM-1908 has 19 automatic programs with which you can cook: cereals, second courses, yoghurts, jams, pastries, desserts, drinks.

It is also worth highlighting the express program, which will allow you to quickly bake bread and maintain the temperature so that the pastry is warm before eating, and you can set the desired weight of the loaf in advance.

Externally, the oven looks compact. On the cover there is an electronic panel with a dial, timer, backlight and sound signal. It is worth highlighting a feature that not all bread machines have, namely a viewing window with which you can monitor the cooking process. Redmond RBM-1908 is equipped with all the necessary functions for cooking and baking. This is one of the best-selling bread makers in Russia, because at a low cost it has a large number of functions. According to the owners, this is the best option for home cooking.

Redmond RBM-M1911

Redmond RBM-M1911

The model differs in ergonomic design and universality. With Redmond RBM-M1911 you can bake French, Borodino, gluten-free, whole grain and rye bread. The main advantage of this model lies in the modern Whitford non-stick coating, which protects against sticking and chemical influences. With such a coating, dishes are obtained without burning and with a golden crust, and cleaning after cooking is quite easy. According to experts, this coating is distinguished by good durability.

The exterior of the RBM-M1911 body is made of steel, so the bread maker is additionally protected from external damage. On the lid there is a functional with a dial, with which you can cook 19 types of dishes, such as pastries, cereals, yogurts, first courses, desserts, main courses, jams and much more. With the help of the timer, you can delay the cooking time up to 15 hours. In the process of baking bread, you can add various ingredients in the form of sunflower seeds, nuts and raisins. The bread maker will let you know when to add them.

Redmond RBM-M1911 is very popular among users, because at a low cost, the model is able to perform all the necessary functions, which is more than enough for home conditions.

Redmond RBM-M1919

Redmond RBM-M1919

One of the most expensive models with a metal case and great functionality. In the form you can bake up to 1 kg of bread at once. RBM-M1919 can be called the best in this ranking, since it is capable of performing 25 baking programs. The list of options includes the preparation of jams, yoghurts, first and second courses, desserts, drinks and much more. For people with allergies, there is a gluten-free baking option. You can also add various ingredients to taste. Moreover, the bread machine will indicate their addition with a corresponding sound signal.

On the cover of the case there is a large and convenient functionality with a touch panel, where there is also an automatic heating up to 1 hour and a delayed start. The non-stick coating of the mold will allow you to cook without adding oil, and its cleaning will be quick and easy. What else distinguishes this model from the budget ones is the built-in “multi-baker” program, with which you can cook absolutely all types of bread, and you can choose the color of the crust.

Redmond RBM-M1919 is very popular among buyers, since with such functionality, the bread machine costs less than its counterparts. Advantages of this model:

  • the possibility of baking up to 1 kg;
  • baking in the form of a loaf;
  • 25 automatic programs;
  • user mode;
  • choice of crust color;
  • steel case;
  • non-stick coating;
  • the possibility of adding additional ingredients.

For home use, the above functions are more than enough. The metal case will serve as protection against external damage, and the touch panel will make the control of the bread machine very convenient.

Redmond RBM-1906


The model does not have such rich functionality as the RBM-M1919, but for home use, the RBM-1906 has all the necessary types of cooking. The oven can cook 14 main dishes. Bread can be baked up to 1 kg per batch, and it will look like a loaf. The addition of ingredients will be done manually, but the oven will notify you when necessary. It is also possible to choose the color of the crust. Users report good heat distribution inside the bread maker, indicating no sticking, even when no oil is used.

On the cover of the case is a dial that will indicate the cooking time. You can also set a cooking delay on it. There is no such convenient touch menu as, for example, the RBM-M1919, so you will have to select one of the 14 functions by switching. Otherwise, the Redmond RBM-1906 is a fairly common model, since it has all the necessary functions at a low price. The non-stick coating will allow you to cook without sticking, and cleaning will not take much time.

Redmond RBM-M1900


Externally, the model is very similar to the RBM-M1919, but in terms of functionality, these bread machines have slight differences. The RBM-M1900 has only 14 types of cooking, which is half that of the RBM-M1919, but the control of the functions is fully automated. The presence of a dispenser allows you to put all the necessary ingredients in advance, and the bread machine will automatically add them at the right time. The function is very convenient, because there is no need to monitor the cooking process.

On the Redmond RBM-M1900 model, you can cook the following dishes:

  • porridge;
  • yogurt;
  • jam;
  • soup;
  • second courses;
  • bakery products.

For allergy sufferers, there is a gluten-free baking function. Moreover, the whole baking process lies on the bread machine, you will only need to put all the necessary ingredients in the dispenser.

Redmond RBM-M1900 consists of a metal case that protects against external damage. The non-stick coating allows you to cook meals without adding oil. An even heat supply in the oven will help the dough rise well and create a golden crust. The «express» function will make it possible to prepare bread in a short time. The model does not belong to the budget, but if we compare the functionality and quality with other brands of bread machines, then the RBM-M1900 has a clear advantage in price.

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