Rating of the best coffee makers and coffee machines Polaris 2022 (TOP 6)

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Polaris offers budget products that are made in China. At a fairly low price, the manufacturer offers decent quality, which has earned the recognition of buyers. The brand line offers a large number of small household appliances, in this rating of Polaris coffee makers and coffee machines, we will consider the best models of the outgoing one.

Polaris PCM 1516E coffee machine

Polaris PCM 1516E

It is made in a stylish red color, by the way, if you want calm shades, then you should pay attention to the PCM 1526 Adone Crema model, its body is made in bronze color. In fact, this is the next generation of the Polaris PCM 1515E, but more stylish in appearance and compact, there are differences in management.


  • Sidewalls from steel, give durability and create stylish design.
  • Very compact size — the width of the machine is only 12 cm, few analogues can boast of such dimensions.
  • A distinctive feature of the control is the automatic dosage of one and two servings. There are two buttons on the panel: make one cup of coffee, two or make a double drink. At the same time, the machine itself doses the liquid: 30-40 or 60-80 ml, it is not necessary to control the process.
  • Two filters for preparing 1 or 2 cups of espresso, made with a double bottom — one with a large number of holes, the second with one. They allow you to create the necessary pressure during the spill — about 9 bar. There are no plastic parts in the filter, which has a positive effect on the taste of the finished drink and ensures a long life of the filter itself.
  • High quality cappuccinatore — the nozzle is made of metal, the petal is made of plastic, due to which it does not heat up during use, according to customer reviews, it prepares foam well.
  • The Italian pump Ulka is used, providing the pressure of 15 bar declared in the characteristics.
  • Unlike most Chinese-made products, the coffee machine does not have a specific smell of plastic, and the one in the new mechanism is washed out in a couple of runs with water.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Weak and long heat. The reason for this may be a weak boiler or an incorrect thermostat setting, but the «sickness» is observed in all machines. Due to the weak heating of water during the preparation of double coffee, it does not give the required temperature, the drink turns out to be a little undercooked, ordinary lovers will not notice the difference, but a real connoisseur will remain dissatisfied.
  • The disadvantage of automatic dosing is that it is impossible to pour a volume of drink that is different from the one entered in the program; it is suitable for those who drink classic espresso, but it will create a problem for lovers of coffee experiments.
  • No display.

In general, a good machine for those who want to save on such a purchase and still get a light espresso of slightly above average quality for 1-2 people. Great for coffee lovers with milk.

Polaris PCM 1515E coffee machine

Polaris PCM 1515E Adore Crema

As mentioned above, this model is the previous step. The fundamental difference between 1515E and 1516, 1526E is in the control — in this case, manual control is provided, which allows you to independently measure the volume of the drink.


  • Like many other coffee machines of the brand, the main drawback is the weak heating of the water. In this model, it is also due to the weak power of the boiler, reduced from 1050 to 850 watts. Experienced users of the machine talk about tricks with steam to help dispense a hot drink, but the machine itself is not able to dispense boiling water.
  • High level of noise and vibration. The manufacturer in the instructions states that the noise decreases 20 seconds after use, but as practice shows, it does not start to make less noise.
  • The cappuccinatore is made with high quality and whips up good foam, but at the same time unreliable, after a couple of months of active use, the horn begins to leak or break.
  • No automatic coffee program. Although this minus can turn into a plus for someone, as it opens up the opportunity to pour any volume of the drink and experiment with its preparation. But obliges to stand at the car until the end of the process.


  • The nozzle on the cappuccinatore is made of metal, which makes it more reliable and easy to clean, but this also comes with a minus — after use it gets very hot and you can no longer take it with your bare hand.
  • A good double portafilter with no rubber or plastic elements inside, which ensures the aroma and taste of the drink without impurities. The filter itself is worked out very competently, has two bottoms with a different number of holes.
  • Stylish and solid appearance.

Conclusions: a good coffee machine in its class in terms of price-quality ratio. Suitable for home or office use, but will not satisfy the needs of true connoisseurs of coffee taste and aroma. Minor flaws and shortcomings are inherent in any brand in this price segment.

Polaris PCM 1519AE coffee machine

Polaris PCM 1519AE

This model has a slight difference in cost: on average, it is 2,000 rubles more expensive than the previous models described in the rating. However, it also has some functional differences. Firstly, the coffee maker is not equipped with buttons, but with a handle switched in a circle — a classic control for carob coffee machines. Secondly, it is equipped with a thermal block, not a boiler. Thirdly, the cappuccinatore is automatic and has a built-in jug, which is very convenient for a beginner.


  • Manual dispenser. Allows you to experiment with the volume and sequence of serving milk and coffee.
  • The double filter used, similar to the two previous models, is not sensitive to poor grinding coffee or its improper tamping, and produces a high quality drink.
  • The thermoblock shortens the time to enter the operating mode and the heating of the water itself, which allows you to prepare a series of drinks at the right temperature and without a long wait.
  • Convenient automatic milk frother, suitable for beginners. A high level of performance for a coffee maker of this class.


  • The reverse side of the presence of a thermoblock does not provide a stable temperature, there are temperature jumps, which affects the taste of coffee, but only a professional and a connoisseur will notice the difference.
  • The disadvantage of manual control is that when preparing a drink with milk, it is necessary to start each stage separately and manually, which makes the process, in fact, semi-automatic.
  • The design of the filter makes it inconvenient to empty it when washing the car, it often flies out of the horn, even when it is fixed with a special retractable stop.

A convenient model for those who like to experiment with the volume and composition of drinks. Due to manual control and a thermal block, it wins against other machines of this class, but at the same time it is higher in price. Although the manufacturer positions the model as a coffee machine, it is closer to coffee makers in terms of automation.

Polaris 1518AE coffee machine

Polaris 1518AE

The model of the Polaris 1518AE coffee machine belongs to the Adore Cappuccino series, the difference between all models in the line is only in color: 1518AE and 1522E in silver tones, 1523E has a “wood-like” finish, 1525E has purple design elements. The main difference of the series from the previous model in our TOP is the control of the buttons, which can be considered both from the positive and from the negative side.


  • All the same two filters that are typical for the other models described, providing good filtering of coffee even with improper grinding or inept tamping. There are two filters in the kit — for one portion and for two, the previous model itself is equipped with the same number of them.
  • Equipped with a thermoblock, which guarantees fast heating and cooking a large number of servings.
  • Automatic cappuccinatore with built-in jug.
  • Three keys for automatic preparation of espresso, cappuccino and latte. There is a program for preparing a double drink.
  • The presence of manual feed adjustment when any of the keys is pressed. The coffee machine will dispense until another key is pressed to stop it. This makes the models semi-automatic, easily changing from manual to automatic mode.
  • The manual dispensing mode allows you to prepare a foamed milk drink without coffee.
  • There is a regulator for cleaning the milk tract — the lower position of the “clean” handle.
  • Compact size.


  • In some cases, the taste and smell of plastic is not washed out of the car even after several idle runs, but this is not typical for all instances.
  • Professionals do not recommend thermoblock coffee makers, they prefer a boiler, as it gives a constant temperature without coils, which ensures optimal coffee taste, but in this class, a thermoblock is the best compromise.
  • Although there is a choice of manual mode, it has a volume limit of 150 ml for espresso and milk, which is significantly less than in similar models from other brands.
  • Over time, leaks in the pump or cone, which are characteristic of machines of this class and prices, occur.
  • Still the same filter problem mentioned in the 1519AE review.

The machine is closer to automatic coffee makers and has extended functionality due to the equipment with keys, but the price of the series is much higher than the cost of the 1519AE model equipped with a handle. But even with a difference of several thousand, it remains budgetary.

Coffee maker Polaris PCM 0109

Polaris PCM 0109

Completely different from previous models. This is the most ordinary drip coffee maker, designed to prepare one serving of classic espresso in a volume of 100 ml. The device for preparation of foam is not provided.


  • A very low price, if the cost of a coffee maker with a cappuccinatore and automatic mode starts from 5000, then in this case you will have to pay about 600-700 rubles.
  • Compact size, ideal for a single person living in a small apartment or for personal office use.
  • Unlike similar coffee makers models 1211A and 1215A, you do not need to use disposable filters, a nylon reusable filter is included in the kit.
  • The set includes a measuring spoon and a mug.


  • Weak water heater — only 350 watts. Heats for a long time, but for cooking one serving is enough.
  • Unsuccessful design of the filter and the path conducting boiling water, not all of the coffee that has been poured is used, which affects the strength of the drink. If you try to fill the filter more, the water will simply overflow through its edges.

It is worth choosing for those who want to get not very strong coffee at a low price.

Coffee maker Polaris PCM 0210

Polaris PCM 0210

It differs from the previous one only in the number of cooked servings — it is designed for two mugs at once. The disadvantages are the same — a poorly designed filter that does not give the desired strength, you can get around this limitation if you use a freshly ground dark variety of very fine grinding. The list of pluses is no different from the previous model:

  • Cheapness;
  • compact size;
  • reusable filter;
  • good equipment.


  • Long heating;
  • bad filter.

For high connoisseurs of coffee taste, it is too primitive, and if you need a cheap alternative to Turks or instant coffee for two people, it will suit you optimally.


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