Today, a wide variety of technology is produced. But some devices are still puzzling. For example, what is a blender for? It is believed that this is an attribute for young mothers or cocktail lovers. But it is not so.

What can a blender do

When answering the question of whether a blender is needed in the kitchen, a food processor comes to mind. Therefore, many housewives decide that since they have it, the blender is no longer needed. But although the functions of both devices are similar, there are enough differences.

Blender for the kitchen

  1. The blender combines the functions of not only a food processor, but also a mixer, as well as a manual “crusher” for mashed potatoes;
  2. It has a compact size, so it is more mobile;
  3. Quickly assembled;
  4. Due to the knives does not require a large number of nozzles;
  5. Handles quickly even if there is a lot of work.

Therefore, given its size and device, such a technique can:

  • chop vegetables, fruits, meat both boiled and fresh;
  • turn a variety of foods into puree;
  • crush ice and grind nuts, coffee beans, etc.;
  • mix ingredients for sauces, mayonnaises, dressings, cocktails.

To puree hard fresh vegetables and fruits (carrots, apples, etc.), you first need to cut them into pieces and add a little water. This will make it easier for the blender to puree these foods. Also, such preparation will save him from burnout.

What are blenders

There are only two types of this technique:

  • submersible or manual;
  • stationary.

Submersible Models

They are a handle into which various nozzles are inserted. One of the popular options is a chopper with knives, which perfectly answer the question of what a blender is for on the kitchen table. This appliance can prepare puree, sauce, chop fruits and vegetables, and its interchangeable nozzle is a whisk, which allows you to realize the function of a mixer and prepare a fluffy omelet or pancake dough.

If you plan to cook a lot of different purees and cream soups, choose a model that has a metal nozzle with knives. This will allow you not to worry about the temperature of the processed product and the reaction of the blender to it.

Often the set comes with a measuring cup, in which the products are folded and crushed with a nozzle with knives. If the set includes a separate bowl with a sealed lid and more powerful knives, then you can successfully cut and grind meat, nuts, spices, fruits, vegetables, and also chop ice. In order for the screw to start turning the knives, it is enough to insert a handle with a motor into the bowl lid.

Immersion blender models

Stationary Models

The second type of blenders is stationary. It is a jug on a stand with a motor. Perfectly copes with bringing puree soups to the desired consistency, chopping a variety of products, crushing ice, mashing, mixing sauces, cocktails. If power allows, it will also cope with beating eggs and dough.

Therefore, the answer to the question of why a stationary option is needed is convenience, because such a blender does not need to be kept on weight and, despite the time of work, hands will not get tired with it. The functions of stationary models are the same as those of submersible models, so we will not dwell on them.

Stationary blender models

Good to know:

Why a blender?

  1. It is with its help that you can quickly prepare mashed vegetables and fruits, which is why young mothers like this device so much;
  2. Handles both small and large portions equally well;
  3. Pricks as much ice as you need, and also crushes a portion of nuts for a cake or pate;
  4. Mixes a powder energy or protein shake with additives in a minute;
  5. He will grind the ingredients of hot soup to a puree state and it can be served immediately on the table;
  6. Whip ingredients for sauce or salad dressing for dinner;
  7. Prepare alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails for the party;
  8. Grind the meat to a state of minced meat, and then mix together the remaining ingredients for the cutlets;
  9. Easily cope with chopping greens and frozen berries, whip up a healthy smoothie or a delicious milkshake;
  10. Prepare sweet or savory pie filling, make curd paste with a variety of fillings, and grate chocolate or breadcrumbs.

And this is not a complete list of what he can do. Moreover, the blender is very easy to care for — the bowl with a knife is easily and quickly washed, as well as a measuring cup and nozzles. Do not wash only the handle or stand with the motor. They can only be wiped with wet wipes.

Video clip about blender

The story tells about what the device is for, how to choose it and how to use it correctly. It perfectly answers the question of why you need a blender at the time of cooking.

Despite the small number of attachments and seemingly little functionality, a blender for daily cooking becomes simply indispensable. It makes everything much easier and faster.

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