Zanussi dishwashers are modern and reliable appliances that make household chores easier.

They wash dishes to a shine and easily cope with even stubborn dirt.

Dishwashers combine wide functionality, various programs and high-quality assembly.

Distinctive features

Zanussi is a popular Italian brand offering a complete range of home appliances.. The manufacturer is focused on producing high quality products with a stylish design.

The company constantly analyzes the needs of customers and improves technologies. Dishwashers have different functions, dimensions and capabilities.

Technological features of Zanussi equipment:

  1. Pre-rinse. This is a mode that maintains the hygiene of the chamber and dishes prepared for washing. Rinsing prevents the growth of bacteria and the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
  2. Delayed start. A convenient feature that allows you to run the program at any time, even when the owners are not at home.
  3. intensive wash. In this mode, the dishes are cleaned of difficult stains. At a temperature of 70 °C, plaque is removed from pans, trays and pots.
  4. «Air Dry». Intelligent dish drying. At the end of the cycle, the door automatically opens to allow excess steam to escape and fresh air to enter. As a result, after drying, there are no streaks on the appliances and dishes.
  5. Fuzzy Logic. A function aimed at economical consumption of resources. The sensor determines the load level, selects the optimal supply of water and electricity.
  6. «Aqua Stop». The sensor detects the presence of water in a force majeure situation and blocks the flow of water.


Types of dishwashers

According to the installation method, dishwashers are freestanding, partially and fully embedded..

The functionality is no different. Before choosing a particular model, you need to decide where the machine will stand.

Fully embedded

A practical solution for those who have a small kitchen. This option has several advantages.

The device is installed under the countertop, which saves space. Embedded appliances will not spoil the overall look, as they are covered with a decorative panel.

The option is not suitable if the room is equipped, since the device must be installed in the headset.

Embedded partially

An excellent choice for those who like built-in appliances. The only difference from the previous type is that you can not install a facade.

In this case, the entire front of the machine will be visible.. This opens up access to the control panel and makes it possible to use the «beam on the floor» function.



Cars with a stylish design that have a complete look. They do not need to be hidden under the table and can be placed in any room where there is access to water supply and electricity.

Among freestanding dishwashers there are standard and compact models.. The latter can be floor and desktop type.

Advantages and disadvantages

Zanussi appliances have long appeared on the Russian market and won the trust of consumers.


  • Economy. Even when running a standard program lasting more than two hours, the appliances show economical consumption of water and electricity. According to the class of energy efficiency and washing, the equipment belongs to the class A and A +. Some models have an eco-mode, in which resource consumption is reduced by almost 2 times.
  • Reliability. The maximum manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years. If a breakdown occurs, you can buy any part at an affordable price. Zanussi has a large number of service centers, so there will be no problems with the maintenance of equipment.
  • Aesthetics. The manufacturer takes into account fashionable interiors and consumer tastes when developing the design of equipment. The dishwasher is able to decorate the interior. The range includes models in white and silver, with a dark and bright stripe at the base.
  • Choice. Consumers have access to a large number of dishwashers with different functionality. The model range is replenished annually.


  • there is no 1/2 load mode;
  • no display showing mode and time;
  • high water consumption (more than 12 liters per cycle).

How to choose and what to look for

Before buying a dishwasher, you need to choose a place for it, as well as determine the characteristics:

  1. Dimensions. The indicator is important not only for choosing the installation location. The larger the dishwasher, the more dishes can fit in it. A family of 2 people will need a compact device with a capacity of up to 9 sets. A standard washing machine is suitable for a large family, in which up to 16 sets of dishes can be washed at a time.
  2. Baskets. There are 2-3 containers that can be changed in height. Glass holders and cutlery containers are not included with all models.
  3. Modes and Options. Dishwashers have several built-in programs for washing, among which there may be an additional economical and delicate one. Some models do not have a display that shows the mode and time until the end of the cycle. An important option is pre-soaking.
  4. Noise level. The indicator does not affect the quality of drinking, but can cause discomfort to the family. Comfortable noise level — up to 45 dB. Models are more expensive, as they are equipped with a more powerful motor.
  5. Leak protection. With full protection against leaks, the flood is excluded in situations where a breakthrough has occurred. The touch sensor reacts to water and closes the valve.


TOP 5 Zanussi dishwashers

Which Zanussi dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

The Zanussi range of dishwashers includes built-in and freestanding models. Among them there are appliances with a width of 45 cm and 60 cm. The functionality is different, so you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics. In the selection of TOP-5 dishwashers from a famous Italian brand.

ZDT 921006 FA

Built-in full size class A+ model with pre-soak function, oneto get rid of old fat and soot. For daily use, an express mode with a shorter cycle time is suitable.


  • dimensions — 60x55x82 cm;
  • water consumption — 11 l;
  • power -1950 W;
  • energy consumption — 1.03 kW / h;
  • noise level — 50 dB.


  • capacity 13 sets;
  • bio-program;
  • pre-soak;
  • high-quality drying;
  • indication «beam on the floor» and a sound signal.


  • inconvenient water supply hose;
  • poorly laundered at low temperatures;
  • not a very convenient container for devices.


A narrow unit that is perfect for a small kitchen and a small family. 2

Capacity — 9 sets. Instead of the standard one, you can set the economy mode, which reduces the consumption of resources by 2 times.


  • dimensions — 45x55x81.8 cm;
  • water consumption — 9.9 l;
  • power -1950 W;
  • energy consumption — 0.78 kW / h;

Noise level — 47 dB.


  • acceptable price;
  • beam on the floor;
  • many different modes;
  • doesn’t make much noise.


  • standard mode lasts 245 minutes;
  • no backlight in the camera;
  • there is no delicate mode.

ZDS 12002 WA

A compact machine that does the job perfectly. The chamber fits 9 3sets of dishes thanks to the convenient arrangement of containers. There are special holders for glasses.


  • dimensions — 45x63x85 cm;
  • water consumption — 9.9 l;
  • power -1950 W;
  • energy consumption — 0.78 kW / h;
  • noise level — 51 dB.


  • economic price;
  • automatic opening of the door at the end of work;
  • good choice of modes.


  • noisy at work;
  • incomplete protection against leaks;
  • no water hardness control.

ZDF 26004 WA

Freestanding dishwasher that can wash 13 place settings in 1 cycle. four

Great option for a large family. Holders are provided for cups, and a separate compartment for cutlery. There are additional modes and useful options.


  • dimensions — 60x62x85 cm;
  • water consumption — 11 l;
  • power -1950 W;
  • energy consumption — 1.03 kW / h;
  • noise level — 48 dB.


  • budget price;
  • start delay from 1 to 24 hours;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • choice of modes;
  • the door opens after work;
  • no streaks on dishes.


  • standard cycle 227 minutes;
  • there is no illumination of the bunker;
  • no half load.

ZDF 26004 XA

Stylish silver dishwasher. It can be placed anywhere in 5which has communications. The model combines ergonomics, attractive appearance and versatility.


  • dimensions — 60x62x85 cm;
  • water consumption — 11 l;
  • power -1950 W;
  • energy consumption — 1.03 kW / h;
  • noise level — 48 dB.


  • eco mode;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • delayed start;
  • stainless steel body;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • nice price.


  • standard mode 227 minutes;
  • no half load.

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