You can hang the door on the refrigerator with just a few steps. To remove the refrigerator door and awnings, you will need very few tools and the ability to use them. After removing the door and hinges (canopies), you need to fix the hinges on the other side, rearrange the handle, adjust the gaps, and you can use the unit.

What tools will you need:

  1. Flat and Phillips screwdrivers or screwdriver.
  2. You may need open-end wrenches 8×10, 9×11, 12×14, 11×13 or 13×15 (depending on the model of the device).

How to remove the door

Before starting the procedure, free all cameras from products so that they do not interfere, turn off the device from the mains and let it thaw. This is necessary so that the rubber seal on the door straightens and takes on its natural shape — this will play a big role when adjusting the door in a new position.

Indesit refrigerator doors are mounted on a swivel hinge with slight variations in the location of the hardware for different models:

refrigerator loop

But how to hang the refrigerator door so as not to damage or break the appliance itself? To remove it, you will need a screwdriver or a screwdriver. Decorative caps are removed with a knife or a flat screwdriver, and slots for a Phillips screwdriver must be provided in the bolt heads. If they are not there, select a wrench of the right size.

The false panel of the refrigerator compartment is removed first so that you can get to the wiring harness connecting the display on the door to the automation of the household appliance (if there is a display). After removing the false panel, loosen the harness so as not to break the wires when removing the door. You can completely detach the panel with the display (it must be connected using a connector) — this will make it much more convenient to work.

wiring harness

Then remove the handle (more on this below) and loosen the bottom door fastener, then the top one. After that, you can completely unscrew the lower canopy and, holding the door, release the lower hinge from the fasteners. The door is removed from the upper canopy by lifting it up. Now set the door aside and look for places to fasten the hinges on the opposite side. Technological holes for a new fastening must be closed with plastic decorative plugs or a decorative plate.

Technological holes

In some Indesit models, when rearranging the doors, you need to use additional parts. The complete set of these parts is provided by the manufacturer — they must be in the package with instructions.

Move the door to the opposite side

Before hanging the refrigerator door, you need to fix the hinges in a new place. After removing the decorative plugs, you will see threaded holes — this is where you need to attach the canopies. Do not tighten the bolts too much at first — you may have to adjust the position of the door.

Also on the body (in its upper part) there may be a closing sensor, and when the door is hung, it will also need to be rearranged to a new place — fasteners must be provided for it. If the sensor is in the center, then you do not need to rearrange it. The sensor may be absent altogether — if it is made on a reed relay, then it can be located inside the unit, under the casing. The same applies to the light switch — in some models it can be located inside, and you don’t have to rearrange it at all.

lower canopy

Door hinges should have guide pins, so it will be easy to insert them into a new place. But it can be the other way around — the pins can be on the door, and not on the canopies, which does not affect the sequence of operations. The awnings can also be adjusted in height. Having inserted the lower hole of the door fastening into the pin of the lower canopy, proceed to fasten the upper hinge.

top canopy

The upper canopy also has a guide in the form of a pin — it must be inserted into the hole on the door and the canopy is bolted.

Adjustment of the door consists in checking the tight fit of the seal around the entire perimeter, as well as checking the verticality and horizontal position of the door. It is not necessary to check with a level — check the parallelism of the door and the body visually, or measure the distance between the door and the body at the top and bottom with a ruler and adjust the bolts to make it the same.

Tilt the refrigerator back slightly after hanging the door. The door will close itself, and it will be possible to adjust it much easier and faster.

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Change the position of the handle

If the handle is made in the form of a housing element (pressed inward), then nothing will have to be done. But usually the handles consist of two parts, one part is attached to the door and carries the load, and the second is a decorative overlay. If you need to rearrange the handle at the top of the door, you will have to reattach the harness going to the display. At the top of the door there should be another hole for this — it will be closed with a plug. Disconnect the connector from the wires, pull the harness through the new hole and secure the wires to the door.

The handle is removed with a screwdriver, and plugged holes are provided for a new mount on the door. It is enough to remove the handle, remove the plugs in a new place, and screw the handle again. All old mounting holes (both for handles and for door awnings) are closed with plugs.

Video instruction

How to hang refrigerator doors: step-by-step video instructions show what tools you will need, what operations you will have to do and in what order. In order not to call the master, arm yourself with a screwdriver, keys, and in half an hour you will be able to use the refrigerator with a door on the other side.

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