Most people think that the differences between freestanding and built-in dishwashers are insignificant.

However, in practice, having dealt with the technical characteristics of these two types of dishwashers, you can see specific differences.

Built-in appliances are more practical and versatile in terms of ventilation and thermal insulation.

This applies to any technique where heating takes place, which involves raising the temperature of the water.

In the manufacture of free-standing dishwashers, such technological solutions are not provided. This is due to the fact that they are not covered by a furniture facade, and can be installed on any free area of ​​​​the kitchen.

Freestanding and built-in machines differ from each other in appearance, dimensions, capacity of the box and the number of additional functions.

Rating TOP 13 best freestanding dishwashers 2022-2023

Advantages and disadvantages of freestanding dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers can be characterized by a number of advantages, such as:

  • Cleaning efficiency. The dishwasher will help you quickly cope with both fresh dirt and old ones equally effectively.
  • Resource Saving. The use of a car is, first of all, savings. Having bought such equipment, you will immediately notice less water and electricity consumption compared to manual washing. In addition, the machine will save your time, which is also important.
  • To you you do not have to stand and control the process, so as not to flood your apartment, and not to “wash away” the repairs of your neighbors. Modern dishwashers are equipped with an automatic water shutoff function immediately after washing and drying. The AquaStop function is active even when the equipment is idle.
  • More no need to worry that the child accidentally presses somethingand the device will fail. Almost all models have a child protection function.

Alas, freestanding dishwashers have not only positive aspects, but also negative ones:

  • to increase the life of the dishwasher, it is necessary to clean the parts regularly;
  • for the car you need to buy special detergents, which entails additional costs;
  • do not wash items made of copper, tin and wood in the dishwasher, it is also undesirable to wash antiques or especially valuable items in it, in order to avoid deformation.


Which is better — built-in or freestanding?

Comparing built-in and freestanding dishwashers, we can say for sure that they are no better and no worse than each other.

When choosing such a technique, first of all, you should consider the installation location.

If the kitchen is planned “from scratch”, then it is better to give preference to the built-in machine, which can be hidden behind the furniture facade, saving as much free space as possible. If the kitchen is already ready, and you want to purchase a dishwasher, pay attention to the free-standing option. This will allow you to install the appliances in any place where there is enough space for them, and not destroy existing repairs and furniture for installation.

Also, freestanding machines are a great option for kitchens with a large area, where there is enough space to put appliances.


How to choose and what to look for?

Just before buying a dishwasher, consider such important points as:

  • crockery capacity. The maximum capacity of dishwashers is 14 full sets of dishes, the minimum is 3-4. Capacity is selected depending on the number of people in the family and the frequency of use of equipment. The more people in the family, the larger the dimensions of the box should be;
  • water consumption. On average, equipment consumes 7-10 liters of water per washing cycle, depending on the selected washing program and the dimensions of the device;
  • energy efficiency class. Do not disregard this parameter, since the size of your utility bill depends on it. The best option for marking this parameter is A, A +, A ++.

Pay attention to the control panel. It can be open, located on the front side of the facade of the machine and closed, and located inside, on the upper end of the door.

The advantage of the first option is that you can always see all the parameters on the electronic display. The second option has a more stylish and modern look, ideal for modern kitchens in the power of minimalism and hi-tech.


Another important point when choosing a dishwasher is its functionality.

Each model of a trusted manufacturer with a high-quality assembly and good characteristics should have at least 5 basic modes for washing dishes:

  • economical — a mode that consumers use almost every day. It is ideal for light to medium soiled dishes. A characteristic feature of the mode is rinsing at a temperature of 35 degrees, washing at 50. This mode will help save all resources and costs to the maximum;
  • delicate — suitable for washing glass, porcelain and other types of fragile items. Water temperature during rinsing — 55 degrees, during washing — 40;
  • intensivesuitable for old and heavily soiled cutlery and crockery. Temperature regime 65-70 degrees;
  • auto. Its effective operation is due to the presence of special sensors that will independently determine the degree of contamination of the dishes and select the best mode option for its perfect cleaning. A characteristic feature of the program is the water temperature from 45 to 65 degrees;
  • quick — the best option for dishes with «fresh» dirt, or to give the dishes «freshness» before serving the table.

Manufacturers often equip modern dishwashers with two additional modes:

  • night — mode with a minimum amount of noise during operation;
  • half load — the ability to turn on equipment without a full load.


TOP-5 narrow freestanding dishwashers (45 cm)

What is a narrow freestanding dishwasher wide four5 see in your opinion the best? You can vote one once.

Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW11R

A narrow dishwasher will allow you to save as much as possible not only time for washing dishes,6

but also free space in your kitchen. It is worth noting that this is one of the best models of 2022-2023.

One of the advantages of the Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW11R model is the effective cleaning of any dirt thanks to the five-level supply of powerful water jets. The dishwasher has 3 ergonomic compartments for dishes, including guides for plates and holders for glasses.

The presence of the half load function allows you to wash the dishes as soon as they appear, without accumulating them in order to fully load the basket.

Automatic adjustment of water hardness prevents the formation of streaks and scale. In addition, the model is equipped with automatic closing and locking of the door, and the option of child protection.


  • washing, drying, energy consumption — class «A»;
  • maximum capacity — up to 10 complete sets of dishes;
  • noise level — 48 dB;
  • resource consumption — 9 liters of water and 0.92 kW per cycle;
  • 5 washing programs;
  • autostart delay timer — from 3 to 9 hours;
  • ergonomic control panel.


  • child protection function;
  • stylish, modern design and high-quality assembly with a new generation motor;
  • eco-50 mode — maximum saving of resources;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • red backlight and sound notification of the end of the device.


  • high price;
  • there is no “HygienePlus” mode for washing and disinfecting children’s dishes.

Candy CDP 2L952 W

Another model worthy of your attention. Simple, electronic device control, economical7

condensation type drying, fast express and intensive cleaning of dishes — all this is about this model.

Also, the machine has pre-soak function and automatically recognizes the type of detergent, sparingly distributing it throughout the cleaning cycle. The model is equipped with an indication of regenerating salt and rinse aid.


  • box capacity — up to 9 sets of dishes per cycle;
  • energy efficiency, drying and washing — class «A»;
  • water and energy consumption per cycle — 9-9.7 liters and 0.68 kW;
  • power — 1930 W;
  • noise level — 52 dB;
  • 5 basic programs and 4 temperature settings.


  • protection from children;
  • autostart delay timer — 3-9 hours;
  • affordable cost;
  • The warranty period from the manufacturer is 12 months.


  • no display;
  • no half load mode;
  • protection against leaks and overflow — partial;
  • there is no water transparency sensor and water hardness level recognition.

Midea MFD45S500

A narrow dishwasher from a time-tested manufacturer that successfully combineseight

quality characteristics of the product with an affordable price segment.

The model has an electronic control type, several dishwashing modes, including half load, which will allow you not to accumulate dishes for maximum filling of the box, and express cleaning, which will quickly clean dishes with any degree of contamination with minimal use of resources.

The delicate mode gently and perfectly cleans glassware and glass-ceramics, leaving no streaks and preventing scale formation. Another nice little thing is ergonomic crockery boxes with the ability to adjust the height.


  • container capacity for dishes — up to 10 sets of dishes;
  • drying, washing, energy consumption — class «A»;
  • noise level — 44 dB;
  • consumption of energy and water resources per cycle — 0.75 kW and 8 l;
  • 8 basic washing programs and 5 temperature modes;
  • delay start timer — from 1 to 24 hours;
  • power — 2 100 watts.


  • affordable price segment and high-quality assembly;
  • 2 year warranty;
  • child protection option;
  • digital display;
  • full protection against leaks and overflow.


  • no indication of the time until the end of the floor and sound notification.

Hotpoint-Ariston HSFC 3M19 C

Narrow model dishwasher equipped with a new generation inverter motor that provides 9

virtually silent operation and significantly extends the life of the equipment.

A simple electronic control of the machine will allow you to quickly select the optimal program for cleaning dishes from the seven presented, among which there are such useful ones as incomplete loading of the machine and delicate cleaning of fragile items.

Now you do not have to control the moment when you need to start washing dishes, just set the delay timer from 1 to 24 hours at a convenient time, and the machine will automatically start its work.

The equipment can automatically recognize the type of detergent and evenly distribute it over all sections of the box. Also, you can independently adjust the height of the compartment for dishes.


  • box capacity — up to 10 sets of dishes;
  • washing, drying, energy efficiency — class «A»;
  • energy water consumption per cycle — 11 l and 0.84 kW;
  • noise level — 49 dB;
  • 7 basic washing programs, 4 temperature settings;
  • power — 1 900 watts.


  • AquaStop — full protection against overflow and leakage;
  • digital display;
  • warranty period — 12 months.


  • There is no child lock option.

HIBERG F48 1030W

Freestanding multifunctional dishwasher, high energy efficiency class, simpleten

electronically controlled and economical condensation type drying. T

The equipment has a bright display with indication of temperature, mode and time. Of the useful additional functions, one can single out — delicate cleaning of fragile products, a timer for delaying the autorun of the program for 1-24 hours and full protection against overflow and leakage.


  • maximum capacity of the box — up to 10 sets of dishes;
  • 8 basic cleaning programs, 5 temperature modes;
  • class of washing, drying, energy consumption — A, A, A ++;
  • energy and water consumption per cycle — 0.75 kW and 9 l;
  • noise level — 49 dB;
  • power — 2 100 watts.


  • child protection option;
  • use of detergents 3 in 1;
  • 2 year warranty.


  • lack of indication of time and end of work on the floor.

TOP 5 Full Size Freestanding Dishwashers

Which full size freestanding dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Bosch Serie 4 SMS44GI00R

Spacious full-size dishwasher with a large basket, long service life and moderneleven

design. ActiveWater — the most efficient distribution of water and detergent.

The machine is equipped with an innovative EcoSilence Drive inverter motor, which make the work silent and significantly extend the life of the equipment. VarioFlex — ergonomic baskets for dishes, with the ability to adjust the height.

The dishwasher has 2 useful additional functions — half load and VarioSpeed ​​​​rooted wash. Another useful feature is the self-cleaning of the filter, as well as the indication of the time until the end of the program.


  • box capacity — up to 12 sets of dishes;
  • drying, washing, energy efficiency — class «A»;
  • resource consumption — 1.04 kW and 11.6 l;
  • noise level — 48 dB;
  • 4 basic programs and 4 temperature settings.


  • full protection against leaks and overflow with AquaStop technology;
  • automatic door closing, ServoSchloss lock;
  • additional functions;
  • start delay timer for 1-24 hours;
  • water transparency sensor, self-adjustment of water hardness with regenerating salt.


  • high price segment.

Electrolux ESF 9526 LOX

Floor-standing Swedish dishwasher Electrolux with condenser drying, two baskets for dishes with the possibility12

height adjustment, glass holders and plate guides. This is one of the highest quality models for 2022-2023.

The machine has 5 basic washing modes, including intensive, express, economical, pre-rinse and automatic. Automatic door opening while drying dishes with AirDry technology.

This dishwasher is an excellent ratio of quality and cost, with the main necessary functions.


  • drying, washing, energy efficiency — class A, A, A +;
  • maximum load — up to 13 sets;
  • water and electricity consumption — 11 l and 1.01 kW;
  • 5 basic washing modes and 4 temperature modes;
  • noise level — 49 dB;
  • power — 2 100 watts.


  • middle price segment;
  • Delay the program start timer by 1-3 hours.


  • there is no child protection mode;
  • no indication on the floor;
  • no half load;
  • no indication on the floor;
  • lack of a delicate mode for glass.

Hotpoint-Ariston HFC 3C26

A full-size dishwasher with a spacious drawer that will become an indispensable assistant13

for a large family or lovers of gatherings in a friendly company.

The machine has full protection against water overflow and AquaStop leaks, the ability to connect to a hot water supply and economical condensation-type drying.

The dishwasher has 7 washing modes, including express cleaning and intensive at 70 degrees, which is suitable for disinfecting children’s dishes. Another useful option is protection from children, which is especially important for young parents.


  • drying, washing, energy consumption — class «A»;
  • consumption of water and energy resources — 9 l and 0.94 kW;
  • box capacity — 14 sets of dishes;
  • power — 1 900 W;
  • noise level — 46 dB;
  • 7 basic washing programs, 5 temperature modes.


  • autostart delay 1-24 hours;
  • sound notification and digital display;
  • water hardness control with regenerating salt;
  • complete leakage protection.


  • technology cost.

Indesit DFG 26B10

A full-size dishwasher with a stylish design that will save you time washing dishesfourteen

all consumed resources and will be a great addition to a modern kitchen interior.

The model is equipped with 7 basic modes, among which you can choose the best option. Also, there are sensors for the presence of regenerating salt and rinse aid. You will be able to independently adjust the height of the compartments for dishes with the help of ergonomic baskets, making the most of every cm of space.


  • drying, washing, energy consumption — class «A»;
  • water and energy consumption — 12 l, 0.91 kW;
  • noise level — 51 dB;
  • box — up to 13 complete sets of dishes;
  • 7 cleaning programs, 5 temperature settings.


  • delicate mode for fragile dishes.


  • no indicator light on the floor;
  • no protection from children;
  • no delay timer;
  • there is no half load;
  • high price.

Indesit DFG 15B10

Machine with excellent performance, electronic control and condensing type of drying.fifteen

Self-adjustment of the height of the ergonomic compartments and 5 basic dish cleaning modes are provided, depending on the degree of contamination. There is an indication of regenerating salt and rinse aid, as well as filtration with automatic cleaning.

The model has full protection against overflow and leaks Overflow and the ability to connect to hot and cold water.


  • energy consumption, drying, washing — A +, A, A;
  • box capacity — up to 13 sets of dishes;
  • resource consumption — 1.04 kW, 10 l;
  • noise level — 51 dB;
  • 5 basic programs, 4 temperature settings.



  • there is no autostart delay timer;
  • no half load;
  • do not use detergents 3 in 1;
  • no sound alert;
  • There is no child lock option.

TOP 3 compact freestanding dishwashers under the sink

Which compact freestanding under-sink dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Candy CDCP 8/E

Modern compact and spacious dishwasher with simple electronic controls and condensation drying.16

The model has 6 basic dish cleaning modes, including delicate washing of fragile dishes and intensive cleaning at a temperature of 70 degrees. In addition, there is complete protection against leakage, child lock and a delay in the autostart of the washing program for 1-24 hours.


  • box capacity — 13 sets of dishes;
  • drying, washing, energy consumption — A, A, A +;
  • 6 basic cleaning programs, 4 temperature settings;
  • noise level — 51 dB;
  • resource consumption — 8 l, 9.07 kW;
  • power — 2 100 watts.


  • display with indication of time and temperature;
  • musical notification;
  • 1 year warranty.


  • noisy dishwasher.

Weissgauff TDW 4017 D

Compact dishwasher with high-quality assembly, condensation drying, electronic control17

and additional functions to facilitate washing different types of dishes.

Provided delicate mode for washing glasses and other fragile itemswhich prevents the formation of scale and does not leave streaks after washing.

Another useful option that not all models can boast of is child protection. You can set a timer to delay the autostart of the washing program for 1-24 hours. Also, the model is completely protected from leaks.


  • capacity — up to 6 complete sets of dishes;
  • energy consumption, drying, washing — A +, A, A;
  • power — 1 380 W;
  • resource consumption — 7 l and 0.62 kW;
  • noise level — 49 dB;
  • 7 basic, 5 temperature modes.


  • bright display with indication of time and temperature;
  • sound notification;
  • self cleaning filter.


  • no half load;
  • there is no water transparency sensor and hardness level adjustment.

Hotpoint-Ariston HCD662

Efficient dishwashing regardless of the level of soiling, reliability and additional functionseighteen

to facilitate and simplify washing — this is exactly about the Hotpoint Ariston car.

It has 6 main cleaning modes, including intensive cleaning at 70 degrees and delicate cleaning for fragile dishes. Which is suitable for washing and sterilizing children’s dishes.

Machine control type — electronic, drying — condensation. The dishwasher is equipped with a 1-24 hour auto start delay timer, and ergonomic height-adjustable shelves and glass holders. 3 in 1 detergents are suitable for the machine.


  • capacity — 6 sets of dishes;
  • 6 main programs, 4 temperature modes;
  • noise level — 53 dB;
  • energy efficiency, drying, washing — class A +, A, A;
  • power — 1 900 W;
  • water and energy consumption — 7 l, 0.78 kW.


  • display with indication of temperature and time;
  • musical notification;
  • adjustment of water hardness with regenerating salt.


  • partial protection against leaks;
  • no child protection.

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