Do you want to know what kind of mode it is — a multicooker in a multicooker? Let’s figure it out together. Note that some models already have a built-in multi-cook mode in the device, and it is called more simply — “manual”.

How the multicooker expands the capabilities of the standard multicooker

The multicooker function turns a standard multicooker into a multifunctional device that also includes a grill, steamer, pressure cooker and bread maker. You can control all these modes yourself — change the temperature and cooking time, set several modes, turning them on in sequence.

Working with a multicooker is more like manipulating gas or electric burners — you control the appliance by adjusting the temperature or cooking time right in the process of multicooker operation. Moreover, you do not need to keep track of the cooking time. The fact is that, unlike other kitchen appliances in a multicooker with such a function, it is enough to immediately set the values ​​u200bu200brequired for cooking.

With this set of options, you can not only reheat a second course or cook soup, but also deep-fry potatoes, stew meat, bake any bakery product or cook something for a couple. The choice of cooking method is carried out by setting the required program in manual, automatic or semi-automatic mode.

The main advantage of a multicooker is the ability to set all the modes that are needed in cooking.

Why does the multi-cook function make cooking so much easier?

For cooking many dishes, the multi-cook function is really indispensable. For example, to cook porridge in automatic mode, the multicooker program is set to 50 minutes. Of course, this time will not be enough to cook buckwheat or pearl barley — you will have to turn on the unit again, periodically looking into the pan to check the readiness of the cereal. For other cereals, this time can be a lot, and you will have to turn off the slow cooker manually.

Manual mode allows you to immediately set the required time, even fractional (depending on the model), and not monitor cooking. The same applies to the cooking temperature.

Multi-cook function

In a conventional multicooker, semi-automatic and automatic cooking programs are built-in. On the machine, you simply load the products into the chamber and select the desired program. Based on the product, your kitchen assistant independently chooses the cooking method — time and temperature.

Multicook adapts cooking modes for recipes of any complexity, and you can cook even the most complex recipes. The main thing is not to cross the boundaries of the temperature regime. So, if the maximum cooking temperature in a slow cooker is 1600C, setting a larger value will damage the body of the instrument.

On a semi-automatic device, you can only set the cooking time for the dish yourself. That is, in a slow cooker that is not equipped with the “multi-cook” function, you cannot cook, bake or fry everything you want. You will have to be content only with what the manufacturer recommends to you in the instructions with ready-made recipes. Note that the simplest models, for example, Scarlett, are prepared only in automatic mode.

How to use the multi-cook function?

The multicook function in the multicooker works very simply: press the Multicook button (in some devices, the Manual mode button), set the required cooking time, specify the temperature increase / decrease step and you can relax!

Multicook features

The new multicooker function in the multicooker offers step-by-step control of time and temperature, down to units of minutes, seconds and degrees. The only advice on how to use this functionality is to first gain experience with standard recipes and functionality so as not to spoil the dish.

More about the possibilities of multicooking

What is a multicooker in a multicooker, we figured it out. But many kitchen appliances have more complex settings — «Multi-cook +». What is this program? It is based on the same control scheme as in the multicook.

This feature is featured in the popular Polaris model. It will allow you to combine manual settings. This means that you can program the activation of several modes for the preparation of one recipe. The program might look like this:

  1. the temperature rises within half an hour;
  2. the temperature drops within 5 minutes;
  3. the temperature is fixed until the end of cooking.

You can repeatedly set the temperature and time modes at the same time. So, you create a program with step-by-step cooking, and each step can have its own adjustments. This function can be used when preparing any dish, whether it is baking or roasting meat.


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Advantages and disadvantages of a multicook

To an inexperienced user, it may seem that the disadvantage of the manual cooking mode lies in the large number of unfamiliar modes. They are quite difficult to use at first. However, this disadvantage disappears after cooking one or two dishes. The advantages of a multicook are many, and above all, these are:

  1. Multifunctionality.
  2. Wide temperature range — step from 5-100From to 10C in the range from +5 to +1600FROM.
  3. The ability to change the cooking mode directly in the process.
  4. Unlimited list of dishes.
  5. The ability to combine recipes or create your own.

Best-selling multicooker models with multicook function

Model Panasonic SR-MHS181WTQ

Panasonic SR-MHS181WTQ

The device has 11 programs (of which three are automatic), a multi-cook function, a wide range of adjustments, plus the ability to cook yoghurts.

Multicooker pressure cooker Oursoon mp5005

Oursoon mp5005

This model is able to cook any dish much faster than a conventional machine, and also offers 12 automatic and semi-automatic cooking modes.

Model REDMOND M 70


It has a set of automatic modes (42 programs). The model is equipped with pilaf and milk porridge submodes (cooking function).

Video instruction: how to use new functions in multicookers?

There are many questions about how to use the advanced multicook and SMARTCOOK functions that the 5201 and 5202 multicookers are equipped with. What features and capabilities these devices have, and how to use the new functions, you will learn in the following video:

The multicooker in the multicooker is a manual mode that will allow you to cook a variety of dishes without limits, and without spending a lot of effort. The best multicooker models with manual mode can become your indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

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