Often, when choosing a new refrigerator, the buyer does not pay attention to such a criterion as the noise level of the refrigerator. An annoying rumble can be an unpleasant surprise. Noise is the value of the hum, expressed as a numerical value. Measured in decibels (dB). Less hum is produced by the device with the lowest value.

Noise from refrigerator

Noise standards for refrigeration equipment

In accordance with GOST 16317-87, the established noise level for a refrigerator should be no more than 53 dB. The state document approved a scale according to which the noise level of devices is divided into three levels:

  • low — from 25 to 34 dB;
  • medium — from 35 to 44 dB;
  • high — more than 45 dB.

Devices of a certain modification have an individual noise indicator.

  • the norm for refrigeration equipment with the noFrost system is from 44 to 47 dB;
  • devices with another system operate with a hum level in the range of 34-42 dB.

The operating noise level of the selected refrigerator model is indicated in the technical data sheet and on a sticker on the back of the equipment.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a refrigerator.

  1. The more complex the model, the more additional functions and technical capabilities, the more difficult it is to achieve minimal noise, for example, the noFrost system has a fan that operates with a certain hum. You can reduce the impact of noise on a person by installing a refrigerator at a maximum distance from living rooms.
  2. Two-compressor refrigerators work by replacing each other, it is impossible to completely eliminate noise in this case. Manufacturers minimize the noise level by choosing small compressors. In this case, the refrigerator will make noise when turning on and off each compressor, but the overall noise level may be even lower than that of single compressor equipment.

For comparison: the noise created by talking in raised tones is 50 dB, the rumble from the clock is 30 dB, the knock from the keys of a typewriter is from 51 to 70 dB, the noise of tree foliage is approximately 25 dB.

Noise measurement methods

To determine what level of noise the selected device has, you can use special equipment — a sound level meter. The cost of the device is quite high, so it makes no sense to buy it for domestic needs. If you want to know what the noise level of the refrigerator in the apartment is, it is enough to invite a specialist.

If you have a sound level meter, you need to set it to readings in the range from 50 to 100 dB and point the microphone towards the refrigerator, maintaining a distance of approximately 50 cm. After a few seconds, the measurement results will be displayed on the screen.

Expert advice: if the value is greater than indicated in the technical data sheet, most likely, the refrigeration equipment is installed unevenly. It is necessary to check the vertical and horizontal level, by twisting the legs, the position of the refrigerator is corrected. If the indicator has not changed during the re-measurement, you should invite the master.

Causes of noise

  1. Compressor operation. If two compressors are installed in the device, the level will be higher accordingly. Despite the fact that devices that reduce the noise level are additionally installed in two-compressor devices, they work louder than single-compressor ones.
  2. Noise is created by parts that come into contact with the compressor during operation.
  3. The hum creates refrigeration refrigerant as it moves in the condenser and evaporator.
  4. Additional sounds — characteristic clicks — are heard when the relay is activated.
  5. The presence of cooling fans creates a hum, the more there are, the louder the refrigerator runs.
  6. As a rule, refrigerators with a small volume are noisier than large ones. This is due to the fact that the compressor is installed on the outer wall of the device.
  7. New devices in the early days work a little louder, as moving parts are lapped.

The noisiest are large-volume devices, the design of which provides for a fan installed in the motor part. The main criterion for the noisiness of the device is a restful sleep at night. If you think that the equipment is loud, but you do not wake up at night, this means that the device is working properly and is functioning within normal limits.

Note: When choosing a particular model, you need to correctly prioritize. Keep in mind that a single-compressor refrigerator is quieter, but produces less cold in hot weather. At the same time, the two-compressor device works louder, but it freezes much better.

Noise Reduction Methods

  • First of all, you need to check the surface on which the refrigerator is installed — it must be perfectly flat. If necessary, rubber layers are placed under the legs.
  • It is important that the appliance does not come into contact with kitchen furniture.
  • Do not put dishes close to each other inside the refrigerator.
  • If possible, use only one camera.
  • Use noise isolation to isolate the noisiest parts. Effectively absorbs the rumble rubber, which is fixed between the wall and the rear surface of the device.
  • The inside of the chamber is lined with noise.
  • If the compressor and fan are located outside the refrigeration equipment, mastic can be applied around them.

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Overview of the models of the most silent refrigerators

Trademark Model Noise level, dB Note
Liebherr ST 3306 Less than 40 Single compressor
Liebherr CUP 3021-22 39 With noFrost system
Electrolux ENB 38943 X Less than 40 With noFrost system
Electrolux EN 3881 AOX Less than 40 Single compressor
Bosch KGS 39 XW 20 Less than 40 Double compressor
Samsung RL-59 GYBMG 38.5 With noFrost system

Video Tips

You can get detailed information about the competent choice of refrigeration equipment by watching the video clip.

A well-functioning refrigerator with a low noise level produces a minimal hum. As soon as the noise becomes a cause of discomfort, you need to contact the service center. Here the device will be checked, the cause of the loud noise will be determined and eliminated.

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