De’Longhi electric kettles have gained immense popularity in 2022. This company produces high-quality devices with a stylish design and advanced functionality. To make it easier to choose, we have compiled a ranking of the best De’Longhi electric kettles that have received the most positive feedback from customers.

De’Longhi KBOV 2001

De'Longhi KBOV 2001

The teapot is presented in several colors — blue, beige, green, brown and black. Buyers love the retro design and build quality. De’Longhi KBOV 2001 will easily fit into the interior of a modern kitchen and complement it. The steel case and the closed spiral make the device as safe as possible. It can be placed on the stand in any position. The volume of the electric kettle is 1.7l. and a power of 2 kW, it does not heat up very quickly, but within the normal range.


  • vintage design;
  • comfortable handle and spout;
  • minimum plastic inside;
  • coiled cord;
  • fully openable lid.


  • the case is very hot, you can get burned;
  • inconvenient water level scale;
  • tight lid, difficult to open;
  • noisy, but not critical.

De’Longhi KBOV 2001 received a lot of positive reviews in 2020 and a rating of 4.5 (out of 5 possible).

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De’Longhi KBJ 2001

De'Longhi KBJ 2001

In the ranking of the best electric kettles by De’Longhi, one cannot fail to mention the KBJ 2001 model. This household appliance deserves special attention. It looks really luxurious. The surface of the teapot is not smooth, but ribbed. Flat edges glare beautifully and shimmer in the light. Consider the main characteristics and advantages of the De’Longhi KBJ 2001 electric kettle.

  • Stylish modern design. The unusual shape of the appliance will turn it into a highlight of your kitchen. The model is presented in black, white and red.
  • High safety and wear resistance. The stainless steel heating element is presented in the form of a closed spiral.
  • The kettle has an indicator of the water level and the inclusion of the device. If there is not enough water, the device cannot be turned on.
  • The volume of the kettle is 1.7 liters, the power is 2000 watts.

The minimum cost of the De’Longhi KBJ 2001 electric kettle is 2490 rubles. (may vary slightly depending on the store). The price is much lower than that of the De’Longhi KBOV 2001 model. This is explained very simply — in the first case, the case is made of steel, and in the second — of high-quality plastic. The volume and power of the devices are the same. If the case material is not a fundamental criterion for you, and you want to save money, you can safely give preference to the De’Longhi KBJ 2001 model.

De’Longhi KBLA 2000

De'Longhi KBLA 2000

If you want to pick up an inexpensive electric kettle for a small family, pay attention to the De’Longhi KBLA 2000 model.


  • Stylish modern design.
  • The model is presented in white, red and black.
  • Light weight (0.9 kg) and dimensions.
  • There is a filter, indication of the water level and inclusion.
  • Power 2000 W.
  • closed spiral.

Minor disadvantages are:

  • Plastic case.
  • The volume is only 1L. The two models listed above have almost 2 times more (1.7 l.)
  • Lack of blocking of inclusion at insufficient level of filling with water.

Buyers note that the De’Longhi KBLA 2000 electric kettle heats up very quickly, does not make noise when boiling, and cools down for a long time. The combination of an affordable price and significant advantages allowed him to take his place in our rating.

De’Longhi KBA 2001 Avvolta

De'Longhi KBA 2001 Avvolta

A high-quality, reliable and safe electric kettle of the De’Longhi KBA 2001 Avvolta model has almost the same technical characteristics as the De’Longhi KBOV 2001 kettle. The body of the device is made of plastic.


  • Volume 1.7 l., Power — 2000 watts.
  • Stylish design, three color schemes.
  • The heating element is a closed stainless steel coil.
  • There is a blocking of inclusion in case of insufficient filling with water.
  • Water level indicator, filter.


  • During boiling, very little steam comes out of the kettle spout. This is important when the appliance is installed under hanging cabinets in the kitchen, which can deteriorate from excess moisture.
  • The lid stays on tight and doesn’t fall out.
  • The case does not get very hot. Even if you accidentally touch a freshly boiled kettle, you won’t get burned.
  • The plastic is dense, high-quality, odorless.
  • The kettle does not make noise while boiling.

Of the shortcomings, only the location of the water level scale is noted. It is hidden behind the handle, and is practically invisible from the outside. The manufacturer made such a minor defect intentionally so as not to spoil the stylish appearance of the kettle.

De’Longhi KBI 2000

De'Longhi KBI 2000

The model of the De’Longhi KBI 2000 electric kettle is similar in appearance and technical characteristics to the De’Longhi KBLA 2000 model. However, this device has its own differences — it is made in a metal case and has a lock to turn it on without water. Accordingly, its cost is much higher — at least 4590 rubles.

Kettle De’Longhi KBI 2000 received a lot of positive feedback from customers. Among the main advantages are:

  • Modern design, unusual colors, original shape.
  • High boiling speed.
  • No extra noise when boiling water.
  • Stable placement on a stand.
  • The lid closes tightly, the lever is pressed easily, smoothly.

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Among the shortcomings, users highlight the inconvenient location of the indicator for determining the water level in the kettle. The device has insufficient thermal insulation, so the body must not be touched after boiling the liquid.

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