The dishwasher of the famous Beko brand is an indispensable assistant that provides the highest quality cleaning of dishes from food residues and dirt. The device is quite compact and fits perfectly into the interior of any kitchen.

Functionality Beko DIS 26022 1500

Thanks to various programs, you can choose the optimal dishwashing mode for yourself in order to wash all existing dirt as efficiently as possible. In addition, the device is equipped with special technologies that improve the efficiency of the washing process.589632

Useful features:

  • water purity sensor;
  • water softening;
  • leakage protection.


  • economical consumption of detergents;
  • the ability to control the water temperature and washing time;
  • the EasySteam function makes it easy to clean the dishwasher.

Distinctive features

  • unlike most dishwashers, Beko DIS 26022 1500 is equipped with a capacious rinsing zone;
  • washing chamber made of stainless steel has the shape of a cube;
  • using the PowerWash function allows you to easily remove dirt inside the pot or pan;

Pros and cons


  • capacious internal volume;
  • large rinsing area;
  • availability of electronic control.


  • may leave traces of streaks;
  • a small number of programs.


  • the presence of a front panel: no;
  • number of placed sets: 10 sets;
  • water consumption per cycle: 9.5 l;
  • power consumption per cycle: 730 Wh;
  • inverter motor: yes


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