Often, when arranging a kitchen, the question arises of how to outweigh the door of the Atlant refrigerator and other brands due to the fact that the current location of the door creates inconvenience when opened. This procedure will require some effort and time, but, nevertheless, it is quite simple and within the power of everyone.

Preparatory work

Before you hang the doors, you need to free up space near the refrigerator, remove all products from inside the device and disconnect from the mains. The refrigerator can be left standing, but it will be more convenient to work, and especially unscrew the bottom hinge, if you put it flat on the floor.

For work you will need:

  • Knife, spatula or flat wide screwdriver, which will pry off the plugs and decorative overlays;
  • Crosshead screwdriver;
  • The key for the internal hexagon No. 5 (i.e. with a diameter of 5 mm);
  • 2 wrenches or socket wrenches in sizes 5 and 10 mm.

Item set

First, the refrigerator is inspected for access to fasteners, which are hidden by plastic plugs or decorative panels. They are carefully dismantled without damaging, so that you can then hang them back.

If the refrigerator is two-chamber, and both doors need to be hung, then the process is no different from working with a single-chamber refrigerator.

Removing the decorative strip

Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the so-called. mask — a plastic panel covering the upper hinge of the refrigerator door, and remove it by slightly pulling it towards you. Under this panel is a heat-insulating layer of foam. This material crumbles and breaks quite easily, so for the duration of all work on hanging the door, it must be carefully removed and set aside so as not to be damaged.

Removing the upper hinge of the refrigerator

Once the decorative plastic panel is removed, it becomes possible to remove the top hinge fastening, which is a bar with a pin, thanks to which the door is held. A similar strip with a thread for a pin is present on the other side. The strap bolts are unscrewed with a hex key or wrench. In principle, while the upper hinge is unscrewed, the door can also be held on the seal, but just in case, it is additionally fixed with adhesive tape.

Removing the upper hinge of the refrigerator

Next, the freezer door (if it is a two-chamber refrigerator) or the entire refrigerator (if it is a single-chamber refrigerator) can be removed. To do this, it is opened wide and lifted up from the lower mount, carefully holding it so as not to bend the mount in the process.

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Dismantling the middle hinge

If the refrigerator is two-chamber, i.e. in addition to the refrigerator itself, there is also a freezer at the top, then in addition to the hinges at the top and bottom there will be another one in the middle between the doors of the two compartments.

Dismantling the middle hinge

When the freezer door is removed, access to the bolts of this middle hinge becomes quite convenient. They remove decorative caps in the color of the refrigerator and unscrew them. Then, as in the case of the freezer door, the refrigerator door is opened, lifted and removed from the lower mount. After that, it becomes possible to dismantle the lower loop.

If the refrigerator is old enough, then perhaps the sealing rubber on it, which ensures the tightness of the refrigerator chambers, has already become unusable. Since the doors are removed anyway, it may be a good idea to change or at least repair the seal.

Hanging the bottom loop

The bottom hinge is also hidden under a decorative strip, which must be carefully removed. After that, it is already possible to unscrew the loop on one side and rearrange it to the other, and then reinstall the decorative strip in place.

Hanging the bottom loop

While the doors are removed from the refrigerator, it is convenient to rearrange the handles on them. To do this, they remove the upper part that covers the fasteners, unscrew these fasteners, attach the lower part from the opposite side and snap the upper part back on.

Installation of hinges and doors

After rearranging and fixing the lower hinge, the door is carefully put on it, holding it, the middle hinge is screwed. At this stage, while the bolts are not yet tightened, you need to adjust the vertical position of the door. This can be done by eye, but it is better to use the level. The freezer door is attached in the same way. The work is facilitated by the fact that it weighs much less than the main compartment door.

On each hinge, to reduce the friction force between the door and the hinges, there are gaskets in their design — pieces of plastic. When hanging the door, it is very important not to lose them and not to forget to put them back on.

The Atlant refrigerator is designed to hang the door from one side to the other. This means that the door and the refrigerator itself have holes for hinges and handles on both sides. On the side where they are not used, they are closed with plugs in the color of the refrigerator. Accordingly, when outweighing the door, these plugs must be rearranged to the other side. Since the holes on the working side sometimes become loose over time, it may be necessary to seal them with paper or simply put the plugs on the glue so that they do not fall out.

After mounting the upper hinge, a foam sheet is laid in place, if it was previously removed, and a decorative panel is installed.

Video instruction

This video shows the process of rearranging the doors on the Atlant refrigerator using a two-chamber model as an example. The process of rearrangement is very simple and is carried out with a minimum of improvised tools in just a few minutes.

If even during the purchase it is clear that it will be necessary to outweigh the door of the refrigerator, then you can ask the store employees to do this. This procedure will not affect the warranty period of the device. Or you can contact the service center employees who, during the warranty period, rehang the door for free, or the refrigeration equipment masters.

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