A microwave oven is a useful household appliance that no family can do without. The ideal option for placing it in the kitchen would be to install it in a kitchen set, but this is only possible if you buy new furniture, and if the kitchen is already equipped, then the only acceptable way out is to pay attention to how to hang the microwave on the wall.

Benefits of wall mounted oven

In choosing such a place there are some positive aspects:

  • Safety. There will be no electrical appliances and a hob next to the microwave, which means that the likelihood of a fire in the appliance will decrease significantly.
  • Free space. Many people move this stove from the kitchen to the wall to free up extra space in the room.
  • Ease of fastening. You can fix the device at any level, but it is most convenient at eye level, where it is usually attached. This makes it possible to monitor cooking, conveniently load the oven chamber with food, and monitor the timer.

All these parameters speak in favor of the chosen location of the furnace.


Choice of mounting bracket

At the beginning of this work, you will need to buy special brackets. They come in white, black and gray and are matched to the tone of the oven. The details necessary for it are made in an L-shaped form. They are made of steel, which is powder coated on top.

When deciding how to hang a microwave in the kitchen, you need to foresee all the nuances. It is necessary to take into account not only its location, but also the weight of the device together with the products heated in it, and focus on this mass when choosing a bracket. The main parameters for its correct choice are:

  • The weight. If the oven weighs an average of 15 kg, then together with the products its mass can reach 20 kg, so you need to immediately choose reliable brackets with a margin of safety.
  • Comfort. The bracket must be securely fastened to the wall and not dangle, while being located in a convenient place so that the stove can be used without hindrance.
  • Dimensions. Microwave ovens come in a variety of sizes, and when choosing a bracket, you should take this into account, and not rely on standard parameters. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to purchase an adjustable model instead of a stationary one.

Do not use microwave stands for other household appliances.

Required Tools

Without preparing the appropriate parts and fasteners, it will be difficult to install the microwave as in the photo.

Required Tools

Fastening is carried out using a drill, a screwdriver and a set of screwdrivers. Dowels, screws or self-tapping screws are used as fasteners. To fix the brackets to the tiled wall, you may need construction tape. You may need hot glue to securely fix the dowels. Checking the correct location of the brackets is carried out using the building level.

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Bracket step by step

The initial moment of work is to determine the future location of the microwave. And then there is a phased fastening of the corners:

  1. Wall marking. For its correct implementation, you should measure the length of the microwave oven and apply its boundaries to the wall, then it is worth determining the edges of the screwing of the brackets.
  2. Making holes. They are made with a drill or a puncher if the wall is concrete. Dowels are driven into the resulting holes. Each bracket will require 2 holes.
  3. Installing brackets. Attach a corner to the wall, insert a self-tapping screw into its hole and tighten with a screwdriver. Do the same with the other bracket. Then, using a level, check their location and, if necessary, correct the span by drilling new holes.

Fasteners should be made only on reliable walls. Drywall, finishing panels and false walls will not be able to withstand such a load, so it is better not to mount a microwave on them.

After completing the fasteners, you can install the microwave.

Fixing corners on a non-concrete wall (video)

The video shows how to fix the corners for the microwave:

In the apartment in question, the wall on which the corners are attached is not concrete, so special skill is needed. So that the dowel-nail does not fly out of the nest, it can be planted on liquid glue from a gun. The process of fixing the corners consists of the following steps:

  1. Applicationon the marking wall. First, points are marked through the holes of one corner, then the length of the furnace is laid off and the fasteners of the second corner are marked. When measuring the width of the microwave, you need to take into account the exact match of its legs with the rubber gaskets on the inserts.
  2. Checking the position of the microwave. You should raise the appliance to the distance where it will be, and check whether its cord reaches a nearby outlet and whether it is convenient to open the door.
  3. Drilling the wall with a perforator. The desired drill is selected, and previously marked holes are made. And in order to prevent dust from flying all over the room from under the device, you can bring a tube from a vacuum cleaner under it.
  4. Installation of dowels. First, glue melted with a thermal gun must be poured into the holes obtained, and then the dowels must be inserted with scrolling movements.
  5. Corner fixing. It is done with a screwdriver or a regular Phillips screwdriver. After installing the brackets, their location is checked by the building level. If it turns out that there is a difference, then it can be compensated by placing some object of the required thickness under the adjustable inserts (elastic band, piece of wood, a piece of polyurethane).

The final step in attaching the brackets will be gluing the non-slip pads that come with them. They are rubber rectangles. Remove the protective film from them and apply the adhesive surface to the metal surface of the corners. The legs of the oven will be installed on them. The pads will keep them from slipping. Then you should install the plugs on the open places of the fasteners. After that, place a microwave on them and complete the mounting work.

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