A dishwasher that runs almost silently, yet cleans quickly and with minimal environmental impact. The compact, quiet and economical Candy CDW 600 W dishwasher allows you to load up to 6 place settings in just 50 minutes.

Functionality Comfee CDW600W 1500

The dishwasher has a number of features that improve the quality of its tasks and make it easier to use.52852

In particular, the machine is equipped with the «Protection of hands» function. This function ensures safety when using the dishwasher by protecting your hands from impacts when opening the door, thus preventing possible accidents. The presence of functions such as «Express» and «Intensive» in the Candy CDW600 makes simple tasks easier.

Useful features:

  • ionpro technology. Spraying dishes is carried out under high water pressure in order to remove from its surface all the smallest particles that can damage the dishes;
  • self-cleaning function;
  • automatic regulation of water hardness.


  • capacious container for detergent and washing brush;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the basket for dishes;
  • automatic dish rinsing system.

Distinctive features

  • water heating power adjustment;
  • adjusting the level of the basket for dishes;
  • automatic control of water consumption;
  • The dishwasher is energy class A.

Pros and cons of the model


  • fast and high-quality washing of dishes;
  • leakage protection system;
  • built-in detergent and rinse aid dispenser;
  • Basket height adjustable.


  • electronics often break.


  • number of placed sets: 12 sets;
  • power consumption per cycle: 1020 Wh;
  • inverter motor: no;
  • drying type: condensing;
  • delay start timer: yes;


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