In recent years, the cost of installing various appliances, including hoods, has increased dramatically. If you understand the process, it is not difficult to complete all the work, moreover, without resorting to the help of masters. The installation of the hood takes place in stages, in no case do not rush — do all the steps carefully and accurately, according to the instructions described below. And most importantly, buy good hoods. Find selection tips here.

Extractor fan in the kitchen

We make and try on crackers

Start the installation by making a cracker. This will allow you to accurately determine the place where the hood will be placed, as well as make an important design detail. The clapperboard should be made of tin, aluminum or galvanized. To make the work as convenient as possible, place it above the stove on the cabinet.

To fully install the hood in the kitchen, you will need not only a standard set of tools that is in every home, but also a jigsaw, make sure you have it in advance. Get a clean cut saw for it.

On the top board of the cabinet where you will attach the clapperboard, be sure to make markings with a pencil. Also make a markup inside the cracker in the place where the window will be placed. You can make these markups very simply — for this, temporarily remove the damper.

We process the cabinet

In all kitchens there are cabinets on top, in special compartments of which cereals and other things that should always be at hand are added. It is in such a place that the hood is installed: a pipe passes through a part of the cabinet, which will be led out into the street.

Hood installation scheme

Before starting work, free the entire cabinet from the things that are stored in it, and dismantle the part that will fit the bottom frame of the hood, it is also worth cutting a hole for the pipe if it will pass through the cabinet.

There are two types of hood rooms. You can place it as shown in the picture above. You can also completely remove part of the cabinet, while the hood will complement the interior, combined with the stove (read also which one is better to choose an electric and gas stove).

When you cut out the hole for the cracker window, make a small allowance of 3-5 mm. Be sure to finish with a special adhesive tape. It will help the material from which your shelves are made to last longer. It is possible that the corrugation will strongly go to one of the sides, then you will have to use silicone abundantly.

We mount corrugation and crackers

In the round holes placed on the back of the cabinet, we put the corrugation itself, while at its end it is necessary to form a rectangle or square to make it more convenient to work with the surface. The resulting corners need to be cut 2 cm with scissors and bent outward.

Now you need to apply a small layer of silicone on the tree in the corners and strips of corrugation that you have unbent. At the same time, do not allow gaps — they should not be at all. Don’t be afraid that the silicone can crawl out of the bonding area, just apply a not very thick layer. We install a ventilation window between the marks already installed earlier, it is very important to observe maximum accuracy.

To make it easier to install the clapperboard, you can tilt the structure and, as it were, insert it at an angle.

After the silicone dries, it will take about 25-30 minutes, it is necessary to strengthen the structure and fill the gap between the edge of the window for ventilation and the cracker box with mounting foam. To achieve the most effective result, use high-quality foam and a special spray gun.

We mount the hood

The main problem encountered during the installation of the hood is the corrugation. It is quite soft and may not hold its shape well, so you should not make mistakes, and even before installing the hood window itself, try to attach it. First, install the exhaust pipe in the cabinet, then install the screws in the specially prepared holes. Only after that the corrugation is put on the pipe and wrapped with a clamp, sometimes it is attached using soft wire.

For some people who are faced with the installation, such a connection between the corrugation and the pipe seems not very reliable. You shouldn’t worry about this. Experts believe that the connection is more than strong. In addition, you will need to periodically clean the hood, and if you seal it, any cleaning will become impossible.

If there is no cabinet above the hood

Quite often, for fear of fire, the owners prefer to abandon cabinets above the hood. In this case, the hood mount looks like it is placed directly into the ceiling.

Mounting the hood without cabinet

To do this, make a small rectangular frame, which is then put on a PVC box.

It is difficult to say which of the designs is better, with or without a cabinet. It can only be noted that installation is safe without unnecessary wooden materials near the stove. It is also important to know: at what height to install the hood above the stove.

Connecting electrical elements of the hood

Of great importance is how exactly your hood will work. If it is connected to the network using an outlet, you can not be too zealous, just put the wires behind the furniture and forget about them forever. If the connection is automatic, more steps will be required.

Remember that you need to think about wiring even at the stage of installing the hood. It is possible that your connection option should be made during the mounting of the device parts.

Before connecting the hood, it is necessary to make grounding. If there is more than one ground wire, it is necessary to loosen the rear incisors and pass the wire between them (as if under the hood), but so that this is not visible from the outside of the box. The hood must be well grounded. After that, in the case of automatic connection, it is necessary to thread the wires into a PVC box, and also isolate all bare elements well with electrical tape.

Electrical elements of the hood

Video example of installing a hood in the kitchen

The specialist will show and explain in detail how to install the hood in your kitchen without resorting to the help of specialists:

Installing the hood yourself is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. After watching the video and reading the material in this article, you can easily install the hood correctly, which will serve you for more than one year without failures and breakdowns.


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