A blender is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

Philips immersion blenders are considered one of the best.

They are reliable, easy to use and compact.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose an immersion blender and review the most popular models.

What to look for when choosing a Philips immersion blender?

The immersion blender is a versatile kitchen appliance. It can be used to make soups, smoothies, milkshakes, mashed potatoes and more.

It is a metal or plastic handle, inside which there is a motor, and a metal nozzle. Submersible models have their advantages and disadvantages in comparison with stationary devices.


  • compact and lightweight: together with attachments, an immersion blender takes up less space than several kitchen appliances, and it can be stored even in a small kitchen;
  • the ability to quickly change nozzles;
  • you can adjust the position of the knife;
  • easy to wash;
  • cooking speed;
  • suitable for small portions;
  • can be moved and used with any containers.


  • hands may get tired from holding the device;
  • can not be used for a long time due to overheating;
  • instability of containers, you need to keep;
  • splatter while cooking.

What to look for when choosing a kitchen assistant? Key parameters are power, a set of nozzles, speed modes, type of food, material, overheating protection, bowl size.

Always think about what products you plan to cook with and what dishes you prefer. For example, for nuts, frozen products, models with more power and speed are needed. For preparing soups or fruit smoothies — devices with large bowls.



The quality of grinding products depends on the power. For submersible models, it is in the range from 140 to 1200 watts.

Try to choose the model with the highest power if you plan to grind hard foods (nuts, ice, etc.). For the preparation of pureed soups or baby food, a device with a lower power is suitable.

Number of speeds

The speed of operation is related to the power of the device. The speeds affect the accuracy of the mode selection for the specific product and container you are cooking in.

For everyday home cooking, a small number of modes are enough. When working at high speeds, you need to be careful, as the products are splashed. Low speeds help achieve higher viscosity.

Philips immersion blenders come in single wattage, single wattage and turbo and with more speeds.

Power type

The immersion blender can be connected to the mains or run on a built-in battery. In the second case, the device allows you to be more mobile, but it is less powerful and heavier than the plug-in model.

In an ordinary Russian kitchen, it will be convenient to use a mains-powered device; a device with a battery will come in handy when traveling or in the country.



The Philips blender handle is made of plastic or metal.

Metal ones are more durable, environmentally friendly and reliable — with the help of such a blender you can cook from hot foods. Plastic is cheaper and lighter.

Nozzles are recommended to take made of stainless steel. Plastic nozzles are brittle, cannot be used in a hot environment, they can stain and absorb odors.

The bowls are glass and plastic. Glass is heavier, but does not absorb odors. Plastic is lighter and less likely to break, but may not withstand high temperatures.

overheat protection

When choosing a device, it is important to consider its safety. Some models automatically turn off overheating.

This function is relevant if you plan to actively use the device and cook for a long time.

bowl size

The choice of bowl size depends on your goals. Large ones are suitable for making soups, small ones are suitable for smoothies or crushing ice.

However, for an immersion blender, this parameter is not so important, since it can be used in any suitable durable containers — pots, jugs, etc.



The functionality of the device depends on the set of nozzles.

Different nozzles serve for different purposes — whipping, chopping, grinding, rubbing. Most often, the kit includes a blender nozzle, a whisk and a bowl with a grinder. Also, the device can have a milling attachment for grinding and a mashing attachment.

Choose nozzles based on what you are going to cook and what kitchen utensils you already have:

  • The blender attachment with melallic blades turns vegetables, fruits, maso into a puree.
  • The whisk beats eggs or liquids — useful for omelettes, dough, cream.
  • The chopper finely chop nuts, meat, herbs — especially useful for sauces.

A multifunctional blender with a large number of attachments replaces other devices — a mixer, coffee grinder, food processor.

Ease of use and design

Before buying a kitchen assistant, it is important to evaluate how comfortable it will be for you to work with it.

Pay attention to how the handle fits in the hand, to the weight, the convenience of the location of the buttons and the detachment of the attachments.

For some housewives, the appearance of the device is important. Most of the models are made in white, black or metallic colors.


TOP 3 inexpensive Philips immersion blenders (up to 3000 rubles)

Which budget Philips immersion blender do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of budget models of Philips immersion blenders. These models are suitable for home cooking of various dishes and cope with basic tasks.

HR1625 Daily Collection

Model characteristics:

  • The power of the device is up to 650 watts.6
  • Plastic case.
  • Power supply from the mains.
  • Includes blender attachment, whisk, chopper, measuring cup.
  • Speeds: standard and turbo mode.


  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to use.


  • Short power cord.
  • Small chopper bowl.

HR1601 Daily Collection

Inexpensive model for basic tasks. It is suitable for preparing simple dishes, for7

which do not require a lot of nozzles and fixtures. The device will be appreciated by beginner cooks.

Main characteristics:

  • Housing made of plastic.
  • Power 550 W.
  • Mains powered.
  • Attachment blender, measuring cup 0.5 l and whisk.


  • Easy to use.


  • One speed.
  • No auto shut off when overheated.

HR1627 Daily collection

A simple yet powerful device for everyday tasks.



  • Power 650 W.
  • The set includes a large-volume chopper (1 l), a blender attachment and a whisk.
  • There is a turbo mode.


  • The submersible nozzle is wave-shaped to prevent splashing.
  • The nozzle is detached by pressing the buttons.


  • No flaws were found for this type of model.

TOP 6 Philips professional blenders

Which Philips professional immersion blender do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Professional immersion blenders are devices for those who cook often and in a variety of ways. They are distinguished by a wide range of nozzles, high power and reliability.

The Viva collection is a device with high power (700–800W), large-volume shredders and an excellent quality-price ratio.

Avance collection — more expensive blenders with a large set of nozzles and containers. The devices from this collection have smooth speed control technology using the SpeedTouch button: you turn on the blender at low speed so as not to splatter food, and then gradually increase the pressure in order to achieve the required speed.

HR2657 Viva Collection

Powerful, reliable and stylish model. It is suitable for those who value versatility.9

and leads an active lifestyle: with the help of a blender, you can make a smoothie, pour it into a travel bottle and hit the road.

Main characteristics:

  • Power 800 W, 11500 rpm — suitable for crushing ice, crushing fruits and nuts.
  • The set includes a blender nozzle, a chopper with a 1 liter bowl, a spiralizer nozzle, a whisk, and a travel bottle.
  • The handle is made of plastic, the immersion parts are made of stainless steel — can be used in hot environments.


  • Reliability.
  • Functionality.
  • Easy to wash.


  • No deficiencies found.

HR2655 Viva Collection

Another powerful and stylish model with extended equipment. It is complemented by a travel containerten

for soup and a travel bottle — dishes prepared before leaving the house can be taken with you.

Blender features:

  • Power 800 W, 11500 rpm.
  • The set includes: blender attachment, whisk, chopper with 1 liter bowl, soup container and travel bottle.


  • Reliability.
  • Functionality.
  • Smooth speed control.
  • Containers are convenient to take with you on the road: they do not leak, they are easy to wash.
  • Quiet work.
  • Stylish modern design.
  • Nozzles from stainless steel.


  • No deficiencies found.

HR2642 Viva Collection

A blender with an excellent value for money.


  • Power 700 W.
  • Includes: whisk, 1 liter chopper, blender attachment, measuring cup.


  • Value for money.
  • Reliability.
  • Functionality.
  • Smooth change of speeds.


  • It takes time to get used to the main shift button.
  • The measuring cup must be held as it does not have a rubberized stand.

HR2633 Viva Collection

Multifunctional model with grinder and grinder. It will be useful for cooking12

sauces, desserts, coffee and spice grinding.


  • Power 700 W.
  • 25 speeds.
  • The set includes: attachment blender, grinder 0.3 l, whisk, chopper 1 l.
  • Wire length 1.3 m.


  • Reliability.
  • Functionality.
  • Smooth adjustment of modes.
  • Stylish plastic and metal case.
  • Sufficiently long power cord gives great mobility.


  • No deficiencies found.

HR1672 Avance Collection

Reliable blender with modern design.

Main characteristics:13

  • Power 800 W.
  • The set includes: whisk, blender attachment, chopper 1 liter, measuring cup 1 liter.
  • There is a turbo mode.


  • Reliability.
  • Functionality.
  • The speed modes are controlled intuitively using the SpeedTouch button.
  • You can buy accessories for it: nozzles and containers.


  • No deficiencies found.

HR1679 Avance Collection

Multifunctional device with a large set of nozzles and containers, will cope with a variety of tasks in the kitchen.fourteen

It comes with a large capacity chopper and dicing attachment — this blender can replace a food processor. If necessary, you can buy additional nozzles.


  • Power 800 W.
  • Includes: blender attachment, whisk, dicing attachment, measuring cup, chopper 2 l, grinder 0.3 l.
  • Additional operating modes: turbo mode, ice crushing mode.


  • Reliability.
  • Functionality.
  • Speeds can be controlled by pressing the SpeedTouch button.
  • There is a button to release the nozzles.


  • Brittleness of the whisk.
  • Small mill size.

Conclusion and Conclusions

Now you know what to look for when choosing an immersion blender and you can get a Philips kitchen helper.

Consider what tasks you plan to solve in the kitchen, and be guided by your budget. Enjoy your meal!

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