The blender from the Russian manufacturer Redmond brand RHB-2952 is able to replace three kitchen appliances at once: a blender, a whisk and a knife.

The device is equipped with a convenient system for smoothly switching speed from minimum mode to turbo mode.

It is available in work not only for professional chefs, but also for novice housewives.

It does not require special care, it is easy to disassemble and clean not only by hand, but also in the dishwasher.

Double protection against overheating and overload in the mains will help extend the life of the device.

Model Redmond RHB-2952

Parts are produced by a domestic manufacturer, but assembly is carried out in China. The packaging says made in China. The blender is delivered in a small package of red and black colors, with the image of the device itself and its characteristics.

Product color is white. On the main body, the buyer will see two buttons: turbo mode and turn on. On top of the device of the electric unit is a convenient toggle switch for smooth switching of speeds. The power cord has a convenient hole in the plastic-rubber material, which will allow you to store the blender in a suspended state, out of the reach of children.


Device Features

The selected model is for:

  • grinding — allows you to finely chop and mix any vegetables and fruits, meat, nuts, etc. Ideal for preparing salad products, pie fillings, cutting meat of any kind.
  • Whipping — mixes and whips liquid products until smooth: proteins and yolks — into a homogeneous lush mass to decorate pastries, cream, creams — creates a more airy foam, eggs — for a perfect omelet. Creates a delicate texture of the product.
  • mixing – crushes and mixes products to a homogeneous puree state. Preparation of soup — mashed potatoes, pea puree-porridge, sauces with garlic, herbs and other fillers. Fruit smoothies.


Characteristic Options
Color White
Power 800-1200W
Type of Manual
Speed ​​control Toggle switch (7500-11500 rpm)
Food Net
Turbo 14000 rpm
Housing material Plastic
workspace material Metal
Electric cord length 1m
Overload protection there is
overheat protection there is

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The product is easy to assemble and clean.
  • Quickly and efficiently performs cutting and grinding of almost any product.
  • When whipping, it achieves an airy and delicate consistency of liquid products in a minute.


  • Short cord 1 m.
  • The need to continuously press the power button for the device to work.

Model configuration

RHB-2952 includes:

  • blender nozzle;
  • whisk nozzle;
  • a glass for whipping — 0.5 l .;
  • bowl for grinding with a lid — 0.6 l.;
  • chopping knife;
  • electric block;
  • electric cord — 1 m;
  • instructions for use;
  • warranty card.


Detailed instructions for use

Before using the equipment directly, read the instructions for use from the manufacturer.:

  • Unpack. Carefully remove the products from the box and remove the cellophane packaging. Keep additional stickers and indexes of the personal number on the case.
  • Prepare for use. After storage and transportation, at a negative temperature, it is necessary to wait a couple of hours before use. Wipe the upper part of the device, rinse the working area with detergent under running water. After washing, wipe with a clean cloth. Dry well before use to avoid short circuits.
  • Fix the selected nozzle according to the diagram in the instructions.
  • Get to work.

The duration of the blender without interruption should not exceed 5 minutes.

Every 3-4 minutes, the manufacturer recommends taking a break of at least 2 minutes. When using the grinding bowl, the duration of the turbo operation should be short 3-5 seconds with breaks for the same time. This will help you better control the grinding process.

After completion of work, the device must be immediately disconnected from the network.. Disassemble blender. Rinse and dry with a kitchen towel.

In case of a sudden shutdown during operation, allow the device to cool down for 30 minutes, and it will be ready for use again.

It is forbidden to use chemically aggressive substances to clean the product. Special care must be taken when cleaning sharp objects such as knives and blades to avoid cuts.

It is not recommended to store the product in the open sun. Avoid getting moisture on the device.

When working with Redmond RHB-2952 is prohibited:

  1. Install the chopper bowl on a soft surface to avoid instability of the machine during operation.
  2. Twist, break or heat the electrical cord during use.
  3. Unplug the cord from the mains when finished. Do not disassemble the blender connected to electricity.
  4. During operation, do not touch the moving parts of the product in order to avoid an accident.
  5. Immerse the blender main body in water.
  6. Use the device by children under 12 years of age, or persons with low physical, mental and mental abilities, in the absence of a supervising person responsible for their safety
  7. Immerse in the processed products the place of attachment of the nozzle and the electric unit.
  8. Grind solid foods: coffee, any cereals and cocoa beans, etc.
  9. Continuously operate the device for more than 5 minutes without interruption.
  10. Attempt to repair the device yourself.
  11. Make any changes to the design of the device.

Possible malfunctions:

  • The device is not working. If there is no voltage in the electrical outlet, you must connect the blender to a working electrical outlet.
  • During operation, a strong vibration is felt. The food is cut very coarsely — it is necessary to cut the food more finely.
  • There is a foreign smell or the engine has stopped during operation. The device has overheated — you need to wait half an hour for it to cool down.

If the suggested recommendations do not help, then you need to contact the warranty service center with a request to repair or replace the product..

In case of failure of the service center in the service. It is recommended to replace the blender to avoid injury.

It is forbidden to use the blender if there are any external and internal malfunctions.


What to look for when buying?

When buying a blender from Redmond, you should pay attention to:

  • complete box set;
  • performance (checked in the store);
  • availability of a warranty card;
  • attached sales receipt.

In the absence of a warranty card and receipt, the buyer will be denied the return and repair of the purchased goods.

A warranty card (valid for 1 year) will allow you to repair or exchange a defective product for free. The check will give the opportunity to return the goods within 2 weeks (in new condition), without explanation.

The warranty provided by the manufacturer is 12 months from the date of purchase. During this period, the manufacturer undertakes to eliminate, by repair or replacement, any defects and malfunctions caused by insufficient workmanship or materials.

Violation of the instruction manual will void the warranty. If it is not possible to determine the date of sale, the warranty is valid from the date of manufacture, and can be up to 3 years (check in the instructions attached to the device).

Repair of the device can only be carried out by specialized service centers with the necessary professional training..


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