The blender has high power, thanks to which it grinds all products effortlessly and in a matter of seconds. The powerful motor is designed for a long service life and is ready for heavy loads. Due to the high quality of the motor, the blender is able to operate at higher temperatures.

Functionality RAWMID Dream Modern 2 BDM-06

The RAWMID Dream Modern 2 BDM-06 blender operates in several speed modes, which allows you to choose the optimal rotation speed. Depending on the type of product or its consistency, you can select speed 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the best result. Also, the blender has an additional nozzle for making puree.



  1. Excellent build quality.
  2. Wide range of speeds.
  3. Powerful yet quiet motor.

Distinctive features

  1. Two speed settings: high speed for grinding hard products and low speed for soft products.
  2. Chopper attachment with stainless steel blades.
  3. Stainless steel puree nozzle with reverse function.

Pros and cons of the model


  1. Low noise level.
  2. Wide speed range.
  3. High performance.


  1. No carrying case.


  1. Voltage: 220V 50Hz.
  2. Peak power: (Watts) 2900.
  3. Power consumption: (Watt) 2230.
  4. Goods weight: (kg) 6.7.
  5. Product size (L x W x H) in mm: 200 x 210 x 500.
  6. Overload protection; Yes.
  7. Overheat protection: Yes.
  8. Number of revolutions per minute: 5000.
  9. Number of revolutions per minute: 28000.
  10. Management: Electronic.
  11. Pitcher material: Tritan.
  12. Timer: Yes.
  13. Smooth speed control: No.
  14. Number of speeds: 8.
  15. Pulse mode: No.
  16. Timer (in seconds): 180.
  17. Pusher: Yes.
  18. Pitcher: Yes.
  19. Jug capacity (in liters): 2.
  20. Number of jugs: 1.
  21. Anti-noise cap: No.
  22. Number of knives: 1.
  23. Harmless materials (BPA free): Yes.
  24. Warranty period (years): Motor and electronics – 3 years; on a knife — 8 months; for a jug — 1 year (for factory defects).
  25. Pusher Hole: Yes.
  26. Country of origin: China.
  27. Removing the knife: Key.
  28. Number of knife blades: 6.


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