The thermal sweat is covered with a coating, which leads to an increase in energy consumption due to a decrease in the rate of water heating, the appearance of strong noises during operation and the acquisition of an unpleasant aftertaste of water after boiling. Therefore, in any case, you will have to clean the thermal pot from white plaque using the methods described below.

Cleaning the thermal pot with purchased products

You need to purchase a special descaling solution from the hardware store. It is used for all water heaters. The procedure takes a minimum amount of time.

Descaling products for dummies

The method of application depends on the specific tool, but usually the instructions are presented as follows:

  1. Pour water into the thermopot.
  2. Add drug.
  3. Boil water several times.
  4. Rinse the device thoroughly.
  5. Pour ordinary water into the kettle and boil without any means.

There should be no residue of the product inside, as it is very toxic.

How to clean the thermopot with home remedies?

If you prefer to do without household chemicals, then folk remedies for descaling are suitable for you. We have collected the most effective methods, so choose the method that suits you and proceed with the procedure:

Baking soda

It is often used to fight a thin layer of plaque according to the following instructions:

  1. Pour water into the kettle.
  2. Add soda at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. for 1 liter of water.
  3. Boil and turn off the device.
  4. Wash off the thermal pot when it cools down.

If the first time it was not possible to clean the plaque, boiling with soda can be repeated several times.

The advantage of this method is that after boiling there is no unpleasant odor, and baking soda is absolutely harmless to humans.

A solution of soda and citric acid

To descale the appliance using this method, prepare:

  • A clean dish sponge.
  • Citric acid in the amount of 20 g.
  • Baking soda in the amount of 20 g.

It is necessary to pour water into the thermo pot along with baking soda and start boiling. Boiling water should be drained after 20-30 minutes, and then again fill the device with water, but with citric acid. Leave the water to boil for half an hour. After cleaning, the bottom and walls of the thermopot must be thoroughly rinsed using a sponge.

Cleaning the thermopot with soda and lemon

If there is little scale, then you can do without the use of soda.


Our grandmothers also cleaned teapots from scale with table vinegar, so why shouldn’t we use it for thermal sweat. To begin with, we will make a solution – for 1 liter of water you need to take 50 ml of vinegar. Pour the recommended amount of the solution into the appliance and boil it for a few minutes. After the thermopot, it is necessary to turn off and leave the liquid in it for several hours.

Cleaning the thermopot from scale with vinegar

Close the appliance, as vinegar fumes can cause serious damage to health. Be aware of the dangers of vinegar and warn your family that the thermopot contains vinegar solution, not water.

It is necessary to boil the thermopot at least 3 times, for large models the number will increase to 5.


Practice shows that drinks such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Sprite also do an excellent job of removing deposits. The effect of the listed drinks is the same, but we recommend choosing the colorless Sprite. The fewer dyes, the better.

Soda must be poured into the device and boiled. You will be surprised, but the white coating will disappear after that. You can not drink liquid from a thermopot! Rinse the device several times after boiling.

If the thermopot is out of order, read the article: Do-it-yourself thermopot repair (instruction for beginners).

Video: Descaling folk remedies

The video shows the descaling of an electric kettle, but in the case of a thermopot, the process follows exactly the same pattern. Listen carefully to the recommendations and apply the knowledge gained in practice:

There are many ways – you just have to choose the right option. Surely, you have a bottle of vinegar, soda or a pack of citric acid in your kitchen. If there is too much scale, then you should trust a special tool from the hardware store. Perform cleaning at least once a month, and scale will not bother you.

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