Which refrigerator is better to choose in 2022

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In this article, our editors deal with the question of how to choose the right refrigerator in 2022. Before buying a refrigerator, it is necessary to study the wide range of offers on the market in advance and decide what features and capabilities your refrigerator should have.

We have come all this way and in this article we will provide tips and advice from experts on how to choose a refrigerator. At the end of the article were detailed rating of refrigerators in 2022 based on the budget for the purchase. The rating, for convenience of choice, is divided into segments up to 20,000 rubles, up to 30,000 rubles, up to 40,000 rubles.

The importance of choosing the right refrigerator

  • Price. The store will offer you many options with extra features for which you will overpay. Familiarize yourself with the main features before choosing.
  • Compatibility. The size and location of the installation is decisive, do not neglect this.
  • Comfort. Pay attention to the little things — the location of shelves, chambers and lights play a decisive role in comfort.
  • Profitability. The right size and usable volume will save on electricity.
  • Durability. The most important selection criterion. We advise you to choose a well-known company, pay attention to reviews and ratings to choose the best refrigerator.

Calculate the size and useful volume of the refrigerator

If you choose a refrigerator for your home or apartment, you definitely need to get a tape measure before buying. The choice of installation site must be approached with all responsibility. Think over the place where you will install the refrigerator, it should not interfere with the passage, the doors should open and close freely, there should be a socket near the installation site. Some models require a connection to the water supply, which should be taken care of in advance.

If you choose a refrigerator to replace the old one, then you should choose one that is identical in size and design. Then you will not have any problems with the installation.

Standard dimensions 60x60x150 cm will be an excellent solution for small kitchens. Expert advice — it is necessary to select sizes taking into account the size of the kitchen and the availability of free space on it. A tall refrigerator is not always the best choice if your height is below average, when choosing, you need to make sure that it is comfortable to get items from the upper shelves, it may be more convenient to give preference to a low and shallow, but wide model. The standard height is 1.5-2 m.

Useful volume refrigerator is an important selection criterion. According to experts, when determining the required volume, it should be taken into account that the products should not be stored close, but at a short distance for air circulation. With the same external dimensions, the usable volume may be different.

Standard solutions for one or two people — a volume of 180-250 liters. For a family of up to 5 people, a 350+ liter model is suitable. If this is not enough, then you should pay attention to the cabinet of the side-by-side system with a volume of 500 liters or more. ( See also: How to choose and install a built-in refrigerator )

Types of refrigerators and their purpose

Single-chamber refrigerators — the best choice for giving

The smallest models are equipped with only one door, behind it there is either one refrigerating chamber, there are also options with a very small freezer (LTO — low-temperature compartment). A great option for one or two people or a small office. Experts advise choosing this particular type of refrigerator for summer cottages. (See also: Why Do You Need a Voltage Stabilizer for Refrigerators)

Types of NTO:

  • unlabeled — in such a compartment, food can be stored for several days;
  • one star — temperature up to -6 ° C, food storage is possible up to two weeks;
  • two stars — up to -12 °C, — shelf life of three months;
  • three stars — up to -18 ° C — shelf life for a year.

Multi-chamber refrigerators

Two-chamber refrigerators are the most popular. The first is a refrigerator and the second is a freezer. Most of the refrigerator is occupied by the refrigerator compartment. It contains metal or glass shelves and containers for food storage. The glass shelves are easy to clean, and the grilles do not interfere with air circulation. Inside the unit, you can create any combination of shelves and containers. ( See also: How to choose a two-chamber refrigerator — rating of the best 2022)

types of refrigerators

Most often, the freezer is located under the refrigerator compartment, but there are also models in which it is located at the top. Freezers located at the bottom have a larger volume than those located at the top.


On some models, it is possible to change the side of the door opening, from left to right or right to left, which is important during installation.

In three-chamber refrigerators, there is a “freshness zone” available. In this compartment, the temperature is maintained from zero to two degrees above zero. The zero temperature chamber is designed to store perishable products — in such a compartment they will retain their taste and freshness longer.

Side-by-side refrigerators are ideal for large families. The freezer is on the side. The standard parameters of such a unit are 180x80x100 cm.

If you have not yet decided which refrigerator for your home is better to choose, I recommend taking a two-chamber one with a freshness zone and a freezer located below. According to experts and buyers, this option is the most convenient and most popular.

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Selecting the type of defrosting/freezing of the refrigerator

Manufacturers in 2022 offer two types of No Frost and a drip system.

Advantages of the drip system:

  • products are less weathered;
  • low price compared to NoFrost.

In 2022, it is better to choose a refrigerator with the No Frost system. Advantages:

  • no need to constantly defrost;
  • frost and ice do not appear due to air circulation and maintaining a constant temperature;
  • the temperature is evenly distributed, the products are stored longer;
  • all condensate is collected in a bath, the liquid from which is enough to pour out 1-2 times a year;
  • lower energy consumption compared to other types.

As you can see, refrigerators with a No Frost defrost system are more practical and convenient to use. Based on the conditions and pace of life of a modern person, almost all manufacturers strive to equip their product with the latest technology.

Number of refrigerator compressors

number of compressors in the refrigerator

Refrigerators are produced with one or two compressors. If one compressor is installed, then the freezer and refrigerator compartment are powered by one motor. A heavy load wears out the engine. We advise you to buy a refrigerator with two compressors installed, this option will be more reliable.

The advantage of refrigerators with two compressors:

  • the ability to turn off one chamber, and leave the second on — you can wash the freezer without turning off the refrigerator compartment
  • independent temperature — when the doors of the refrigerator compartment are opened, only one compressor works to restore the temperature
  • durability

Crank compressor or linear? The choice is quite simple, as studies have shown that refrigerators with linear compressors retain more vitamins and minerals in foods. (See also: Inverter compressor in the refrigerator: pros and cons)


Refrigerators with two compressors always consume more electricity.


Energy class and noise level

refrigerator energy class

The noise level should be less than 40 dB, it is this noise level that is comfortable for the home. (See also: Rating of the quietest refrigerators according to customer reviews)

The refrigerator runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it’s important to choose the most economical option. The most economical are the units of class «A++», «A+», «A», then the refrigerators of classes «B» and «C» follow in terms of efficiency. Anything below «C» is not worth buying!

Let’s pay attention to the diagram below, based on the graphs, it can be seen that class «A ++» consumes 40% less electricity than «C». In calculations for years of operation, the amount of savings is noticeable.


Follow the energy saving trends, in 2022 experts recommend choosing an A++ or A+ class refrigerator. See also: How much electricity does a refrigerator consume per month

Choosing the climate class of the refrigerator


To choose a climate class, it is enough to know the average temperature limits of the room in which the refrigerator will be located. When choosing a refrigerator for the home, this criterion is not so important. In 90% of cases, N-SN models are suitable.

The climate class is marked with the letters N, SN, ST, T.

  • N — from +16 aboutFrom to +32 aboutFROM;


If the refrigerator breaks down and an expert assessment reveals that the operation does not comply with the climate class, the manufacturer’s warranty will not be valid.

Freezer class selection

The freezer class is indicated by snowflakes:

  • 2 snowflakes — temperature up to -12

The simplest freezers are in single-chamber refrigerators, the temperature in some does not fall below -6 ° C.

Additional functions

Additional features affect the price, so we advise you to choose the most necessary and useful ones.

ice maker — there are two types, a dispensary for an ox or ordinary cells for ice. The premium segment is equipped with an automatic ice maker, which must be connected to the water supply. You can choose a semi-automatic option — water is poured into the tank manually, which is less convenient, but cheaper and easier.

Antibacterial coating — silver ions are used, which prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes.

Super Freeze — the mode is used for quick freezing, the temperature drops to -24 ° C for a short time. There is a similar mode for the refrigerator compartment, which drops the temperature to -2 ° C.

Door open indicator – if the door is not closed, or does not fit snugly, an alarm is emitted.

For giving additional functions are not needed at all. Choose the simplest options, with a smaller set of functions.

additional features in the refrigerator


The shape and color scheme should be in harmony with the decor and colors of the kitchen. To date, designs are presented in any color, and from various materials, ranging from the usual metal to wood.


A matter of taste! Choose what you like.

Which refrigerator is better to choose in 2022: expert advice

As promised, here are some expert tips on how to choose a refrigerator for your home or garden.

  1. Consider the place where the refrigeration unit will stand. It shouldn’t create any inconvenience.
  2. Glass is better than plastic, glass shelves are more durable and easier to care for. Glass is more transparent than plastic, it is convenient when searching on the upper shelves.
  3. Check the seals when buying, they should be elastic and the refrigerator should open without any extra effort.
  4. The best models are equipped with the NoFrost system, which is easier to care for.
  5. Inspect the selected model before plugging it into the outlet. So you can recognize low-quality plastic — an unpleasant smell comes from it.
  6. If the unit will be used by no more than 5 people, choose a unit with a volume of not more than 300 liters.
  7. A single-chamber model will be an excellent option for giving. It is better to choose a home with two or three cameras.
  8. To save space in a small kitchen, a look with a “recessed” handle in the case will help. Pay attention to narrow models.
  9. The noise level should not exceed 40 dB.
  10. Options on wheels are more practical than on legs.

See also — ranking of the best built-in refrigerators in 2022

Rating of manufacturers of refrigerators in 2022

  • 22% — Atlan (CJSC «Atlant», Minsk, Belarus);
  • 18% — in equal proportions, 9% of sales volumes are accounted for by brands:
  1. Samsung (Samsung Group, Seoul, Korea);
  2. Liebherr (Liebherr-International.AG, Bieberach an der Ries, Germany);
  • 14% — 7% each share:
  1. LG (LG Electronics Inc., Seoul, Korea / production: Dorohovo village, Ruza district, Moscow region);
  2. Indesit (Indesit Company, Fabriano, Italy);
  • 15% — 5% each falls on:
  1. Beko (Koch Holding, Istanbul, Turkey / assembly plant Kirzhach, Vladimir region);
  2. Bosch (Robert Bosch GmbH, assembly in Germany and Slovenia);
  3. Sharp (Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan);
  • 12% — 4% each, respectively, covers domestic products:
  1. Biryusa(JSC «Krasnoyarsk plant of refrigerators «Biryusa», Krasnoyarsk);
  2. POZIS (GC «Rostec», JSC «PO «Plant named after Sergo», Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan);
  3. Saratov (LLC «SEPO-ZEM», Saratov);

As we can see, Atlant is in the lead in 2022. Relatively cheap prices and excellent quality allowed them to gain confidence. Rely on this rating when choosing a firm.

Rating of the choice of technical characteristics and additional functions

  • number of chambers: two-chamber (85%); Side-by-side — wide two-door (10%); single-chamber (3%); three-chamber and multi-chamber (2%);
  • the layout and location of the freezer: at the bottom (67%), at the top (23%), side (6%);
  • height, see: low to 125 (9%), ≤ 150 and ≤ 170 (12% each), ≤ 180 (15%), ≤ 190 (24%), ≤ 200 (16%), and above (11% );
  • useful volume (l): up to 200 (21%), ≤ 250 (47%), ≤ 300 (17%), ≤ 350 (6%), ≤ 400 (6%);
  • energy consumption, class: «A» (39%), «A +» (50%), «A ++» (11%);
  • noise level, dB: ≤ 38 (13%), ≤ 40 (40%), ≤ 42 (32%), ≤ 44 (14%), and higher (3%);


Most Popular Features

  • hanging doors (21%);
  • antibacterial protection (16%);
  • with Full No Frost (9%);
  • quick freezing (13%);
  • door closing alert (12%);
  • rapid cooling and freezing (5%);
  • and 3% each — vacation mode, child protection, and inverter compressor;

Additional features

  • hidden door handles (34%);
  • double-circuit cooling (20%);
  • touch screen (16%);
  • freshness zone (11%);
  • deodorization (9%);
  • ice generation (6%);
  • two compressors (4%).

Paying attention to this rating, you can understand which of the additional features buyers considered the most important.

Also on our website you can read the article “5 unsuccessful models of refrigerators“, which we do not recommend taking.

Top 4 best budget refrigerators under 20,000 rubles

In the segment of inexpensive refrigerators up to 20,000 rubles, it makes no sense to rely on any additional functions. Each manufacturer will give you approximately the same set. You need to decide whether you are ready to mess around with manual defrost or is it better to pay extra for No frost. We have selected the best models that you can buy in retail chains as of August 2022.


ATLANT XM 4010-022


  • Large volume 283 — freezer 115 liters, refrigerator 168 liters.
  • Excellent price from 16 000 rubles
  • Dimensions 60x63x161 cm
  • Low noise
  • freezer bottom
  • convenient containers on the door
  • With small sizes, powerful freezing 4.5kg/day
  • Energy saving class A — 325 kWh / year
  • Good quality, 36 months old guarantees


  • Drip defrost system
  • Sometimes buyers note the appearance of a “fur coat” on the back wall, so you need to periodically defrost the refrigerator.
  • To defrost, you will have to move the refrigerator — the tray is at the back.

In general, ATLANT XM 4010-022 is an ideal budget refrigerator, which is distinguished by its large volume and ease of use. The disadvantages are inherent in all state employees with a drip defrost system.

Rating of the best from 20,000 rubles to 30,000

This segment is closer to the budget than the average, so the choice of functions will not differ much. Distinctive features of this segment: No frost, electronic control, large volume, A + energy saving. The rating is made taking into account the cost, respectively, at the end there will be more functional models. We have taken the best offers from each manufacturer.

Indesit DF 4180 W and Indesit DFE 4200 W, DF 4181

Produced in Russia. The 4000 series from Indesit have common features and a similar cost of about 23,000 rubles, but there is a significant difference that you should build on. The size of the refrigerator and freezer 4180 W — 227/106 l. height 180 cm, 4180 W — 253/75 l 200 cm. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate option.


  • no frost
  • Energy Saving A+
  • LED backlight — bright
  • Design — look modern
  • Lots of shelving options
  • Two drawers of the freshness zone — the smells of vegetables and fruits do not mix.
  • Super Freeze mode — Super Freeze
  • Price


  • Warranty 12 months
  • Electromechanical control — electronic in more expensive models.
  • No temperature display
  • No open door indication
  • Acceptable noise — 70% of buyers note quiet operation, 30% declare noise. Apparently everyone has different criteria for evaluation. We do not recommend buying an apartment or a studio.

Outcome. A spacious refrigerator for reasonable money with full No frost.

Indesit DF 5200

By paying 2000 — 3000 rubles, you can purchase the Indesit 5000 series. Compared to the previous series, you will receive Smart Control electronic temperature control and a temperature display. The average cost is 25,000 -26,000 rubles.


  • no frost
  • Electronic temperature control Smart Control — several sensors constantly monitor the temperature, help to avoid drops.
  • Temperature display
  • Sound indication of an open door
  • super chill, super freeze
  • Roomy — volume 359l
  • Retractable shelves of the freezer, which are fixed with stops.
  • 2 separate freshness drawers
  • Sophisticated shelf for bottles on the door, with fixation.


  • Noise — almost all refrigerators with No frost in the budget segment have this drawback. We would even call it a «feature». We have read all Yandex Market reviews about this model, there is a factory defect with a pallet. Here is a quote from one of them: “The plastic water pan touches (or rather lies on the motor, because of this, rattling occurs. Therefore, the husband unscrewed two bolts, raised the pan higher and fixed it again! And that’s it! It works silently, it freezes more than efficiently, VERY happy with the purchase!»
  • The smell of plastic — only at first. Again, the «feature» of budget models. There is a little life hack — wash the refrigerator with a solution of water and vinegar, the smell disappears almost immediately.
  • Limited warranty compared to competitors — 12 months.


ATLANT XM 4425-089 ND

Huge refrigerator 206 cm high and with a volume of 342 liters. (314 liters of usable volume) from the Belarusian brand. The model is quite new, but has already collected a lot of positive feedback. The cost is 29,980 rubles (marketers know their stuff). The No frost freezing system, which is somewhat unusual for Atlanta, mainly produces manual refrigerators.


  • no frost.
  • Powerful compressor — freezes up to 7kg. per day.
  • Super cooling, super freezing, temperature indication on the display, timer
  • Open door indication
  • Holiday mode, child lock
  • Sophisticated ergonomics — 3 adjustable shelves, 2 separate drawers for the freshness zone, 4 drawers in the freezer
  • Large usable volume
  • Modern design — similar to big brothers Samsung and LG
  • Warranty 3 years


  • The model is new, there are very few reviews. It is worth relying only on the trust in the brand.

An excellent model in terms of price / quality ratio. You can also pay attention to XM 4425-069 ND, XM 4521-000 ND, XM 4424-049 ND — about the same, with minor differences in the design and volume of the chambers. The main functionality of this series is similar, the quality is on the same level.

Liebherr CUsl 2811

Representative of the German brand. We cannot give the TOP of this model, but it is worth mentioning. The average price is about 30,000 rubles. What features are offered for this price? Exactly the same as what Atlant and Indesit offer in their refrigerators up to 20,000 rubles. But here you get a premium brand and high quality materials. It is enough to go to the reviews on the Yandex market, you can immediately see how attentive the manufacturer is to its customers, they respond to each customer, to each review. In terms of functionality, it is correct to compare with the beginning of our top, so we will highlight only the features. Adherents of the brand believe and so they understand what they are overpaying for.


  • Drip defrost system
  • class A++ (174 kWh/year)
  • 263l — total volume, small freezer for 2 drawers 53l.
  • Stainless steel handle with built-in pusher
  • Refrigerator material — stainless steel
  • A++ — 174 kWh/year, savings in first place
  • Branded bottle rack
  • Compactness — 55cm. width
  • Smart Frost Technologies
  • Produced in Bulgaria, 24 months. guarantees. Review has a detailed review. https://otzovik.com/review_6087499.html, we recommend that you familiarize yourself, the buyer described in detail the experience of two years of operation. Our editors recommend paying 5-7 thousand rubles extra and purchasing a model from the 40 thousand rubles segment.

Rating of refrigerators from 30,000 to 40,000 rubles

The most interesting price segment. A-brands Samsung, LG, Liebherr, Bosh with decent functionality and excellent quality are entering the fight for buyers. Note that in terms of the number of sales, Samsung ranks first, the full leader of the top.

Samsung RB-30 J3200EF

One of the most worthy and affordable offers from the RB-30 series, the average price is 35,000 rubles. In this series there is a model cheaper by 3000 rubles RB-30 J3000WW, it differs in color and lack of a display.


  • No frost — a distinctive feature of the manufacturer
  • Very quiet 39 dB
  • Digital Inverter Compressor — 10 Year Warranty
  • Roomy — 213 liters / 93 liters. usable volume
  • Energy Saving A+ (272 kWh/year)
  • Spacious door shelves, lockable medicine drawer, easy slide drawer, better lighting than LG, bottle rack
  • Additional functions: display (very informative menu), holiday mode, door hanging, open door indication, All-around Cooling even temperature distribution, super freezing
  • Quality materials, no smell.
  • Great design
  • Assembly Poland, 12 months. guarantees


  • Tray for 6 eggs
  • No freezer light
  • Missing ice maker and molds

On sale you can meet RB-33 J3420BC — stylish black and RB-33 J3200WW, which are 4000 rubles more expensive. Extra charge for height 185cm. and volume 328l. Otherwise, there are no differences.


Competitor of the RB-30 model from Samsung. Similar functions and price of 34,000 rubles. The main feature is the presence of an inverter compressor, display, control from a smartphone and No frost. Pay attention to spaciousness, almost all models of this category from LG lose to Samsung.


  • Total No Frost
  • inverter compressor
  • Display, the ability to control from a smartphone
  • Additional functions: eco mode, fast freezing, reversing the door, sound indication of an open door, Multi air flow, vacation mode
  • Freshness zone with odor filter
  • Reliable shelves, high-quality materials, stainless steel, the presence of two lockable boxes on the door
  • Dimensions 59.5 × 64.3 × 173.7 cm, usable volume 261 liters.
  • Economical A++ 207 kWh/year
  • Smart diagnostics, an interesting feature that allows you to call LG support, bring your smartphone to the sensor and it will signal what the breakdown is.
  • Quiet operation thanks to inverter compressor


  • Compared to the Samsung RB-30, the capacity is smaller. 3 liter cans cannot be delivered without removing one shelf.
  • Inconvenient shelves on the doors, which are separated by a «useless» divider
  • Short connection cable
  • You can’t put a microwave or TV on top, you can damage the “brains”
  • You can’t put it in a niche, there is a cooling grid in the side walls, the refrigerator will overheat

If you need a larger model, pay attention to LG GA-B429 SMQZ, the older model of the same series. Price from 38 000 rubles. Dimensions 59.5×64.3×190.7 cm, 302 liters. Advantages and disadvantages are similar to GA-B389.

Samsung RB-37 J5200WW

A two-meter giant at a price of 40,000 rubles. based on Yandex market data, but in practice it costs 42,000 rubles. Height 201 cm, volume 367l. The advantages are similar to the model above RB-30 J3200EF, the main difference is the volume. An additional compartment for the freshness zone has been added, there are two of them. The rest of the refrigerator has the same characteristics as the RB-30 J3200EF, so re-read all the advantages and disadvantages that we wrote above.

Bosch KGN39VL17R

A great option from a German brand. Spacious two-meter model with a useful volume of 315 liters. A distinctive feature is the AirFreshFilter, an antibacterial filter that removes all odors from the refrigerator compartment. The rest of the functionality is standard.


  • no frost
  • Volume 315l.
  • Additional functions: door reversal, display, electronic temperature control, AirFreshFilter, open door indication, super freezing, super cooling, food storage calendar
  • Lots of shelf options


  • Noisy
  • No separate ice shelf
  • Energy class: A. Competitors A+ and A++
  • Non-inverter compressor

A very controversial model that loses LG and Samsung. The brand, although German, is produced in Russia.

Liebherr CUwb 3311, Liebherr CUfr 3311

Compact elegant model from the Bulgarian brand. In this segment, this option is the narrowest 55cm, height 181cm, capacity 294l. Premium quality, reliability and durability, comfortable handles with a pusher, but poor technical equipment. The price is about 37,000 rubles.


  • Quality materials
  • Stylish appearance, SwingLine design
  • SmartFrost — less frost forms, the refrigerator rarely needs to be defrosted.
  • Additional functions: reversing the door, super-freezing, super-cooling
  • Economy A++
  • Quiet thanks to the drip system
  • Handles with pushers, it is very convenient to open and close
  • Production Bulgaria, 2 years of a guarantee.


  • Drip defrost system
  • One regulator per refrigerator and freezer compartment

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